If there is one thing I don't mine splurging on that is eyeshadow palettes. One of the main reasons is that you would usually get 12+ eyeshadows for around £30-40, which is great when you normally pay £5+ for a single eyeshadow. However, as much as I don't mind spending that little bit extra on a high end palette there are some really great, affordable palettes out there. So today I'm bringing you some of my favourites all for under £20.

Zoeva are probably some of my favourite palettes and that is helped by the fact that they are all pretty affordable. This one was released late last year and is a sister of the famous Cocoa Blend Palette. This is a mixture of rich, warm caramel, bronze and cream shades in either a matte or shimmer finish. I really like the formula of these and they seem to last all day when I wear them, they are really pigmented. I have found with these the mattes can be a little chalky but nothing too bad and the shimmers are really buttery and pigmented.

This is another brand of eyeshadows that I love and they really are so affordable, their 35 shade palettes are just over £20 so a great price per shade. These 12 shade palettes are a great way to try out Morphe eyeshadows without buying one of their bigger palettes, also this Natural Beauty one has lots of similar shades to the always sold our 35O so a great alternative. The 12 shades in this palette are all neutral earthy tones in either a matte, satin or shimmer finish. Like the Zoeva eyeshadows these are very pigmented, however, I do find the wear time is as long as the Zoeva ones.

This brand is now available in the UK on Beauty Bay, however I couldn't find this palette on their website anymore so I have linked the BH Cosmetics website for. One of the great things about this palette is you get 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters so its perfect for travelling around. This selection of shades features earthy neutrals and plummy browns and all could create a subtle neutral smokey eye. For the price of this I wasnt expecting amazing pigmented but I was pleasantly surprised and these are so intense. They are a bit chalky and can go everywhere when a applying but its easy to wipe away.

Of course I had to include a MUR palette as they have so many great ones and good dupes of more expensive palettes, this one is obviously in the style of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes. The Naked Chocolate one is a selection of more softer, neutral tones in either matte or shimmer. The price of these is the cheapest of the lot, however, I would say that is reflected in the quality as they aren't as pigmented or log wearing as the others in this post. You do get 16 shades for under £8 though, so great value for money.

What are your favourite affordable eyeshadow palettes?



  1. They all look lovely! Definitely gonna try at least one of those.

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  2. These all look fab! I need that Zoeva palette in my life!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  3. I've had my eye on the Morphe 12NB palette for awhile now it's got so many great everyday shades in it! That's great that the eyeshadows last as long as the Zoeava ones