Hi, I'm Samantha and I'm a self confessed highlighter addict! For me these Anastasia Beverly Hills ones are some of the best out there and will forever be my favourites. I now have 3 in my collection so I thought they were deserving of a whole post about them. Also these are now a lot more available in the UK thanks to the ABH UK website.

The ABH highlighter collection now includes a total of 8 palettes, I believe, my collection is more of a selection of neutral everyday shades. I haven't yet ventured into the more fun and colourful Moonchild and new Aurora glow kit, although I am tempted. They are all priced at £39 with the Ultimate Glow Kit at £44, which in my opinion is such a good price for multiple highlighters.

The packaging of these in my opinion could be slighter better and plastic would be nicer that cardboard. However, it is still sturdy and helps keep the highlighter secure and safe. They are all coloured in soft shimmery pastel shades to match the theme of the palette. One I did wish they had was a mirror as that would be great for travelling.

The first one in my collection was Gleam, which I can't actually find anywhere online anymore so I'm not sure if this has been discontinued. This one was one of the first to be released, a long with That Glow and is a selection of more cooler toned, silvery highlighters. Hard Candy is a golden peach, Mimosa is a golden bronze, Starburst is a iridescent pink and Crushed Pearl is a silvery rose.

Sweets was the second addition to my collection and it was a much buy for me after seeing it all over social media. This is a slight more fun and out there selection of colours but still very much wearable. And as you can probably guess they are all themed around sweets (American ones at that as not all of these are available in the UK). Marshallow is an icy white, Sassy Grape is a shimmery lavender, Butterscotch is a soft gold and Taffy is a peachy pink.

My most recent addition is the limited addition collab with Nicole Guerriero and in this one you actually get 6 shades instead of the standard 4, the size of them is slightly smaller but not too much of an issue for me as I don't think i'll ever end up finishing one. Anyway this palette is selection of pink, peaches and golds, which are the perfect summer selection. Kitty Kat is a peachy pink, Forever Young is a pink pearl, Daydream is an intense coral, Forever Lit is a platinum white, Glo Getter is a champagne and 143 is a rose gold.

Now onto the important part and that the formula of these, I would say these are some of my favourite and they are so pigmented but give such a lovely glow to the skin. The powder is very finely milled they have an almost buttery texture. Another great thing about these is that they can be used wet as well for more of intense look, I think I might have try this out on holiday.

Do you own any of these Glow Kits?



  1. I'm loving the look of the gleam palette! I can only really see myself buying that one so it would suck if that was discontinued!
    Kathy x

  2. Loving the shades marshmallow and crushed pearl, they are stunning. I think I may be tempted to buy these!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  3. All of these swatches are so pretty! These palettes have been on my wishlist for a while now :)

    xo, Liz

  4. These look gorgeous! I've never really worn highlighter before but I really want to get into it because there's so many beautiful products out there available! I love these swatches x