This month has been pretty busy for me and spendy with lots of new makeup added to my collection. So my favourites this month is brimming with goodies although there will be some haul posts coming soon too. 


So I posted a review The Ordinary products not so long ago (here), however, I have expanded my collection quite considerably since then so I thought another post was deserving. This brand has taken the beauty world by storm and pretty much everyone has tried and tested the products, their new foundation even has a waiting list of around 75,000 i've heard. Anyway as I said before these are affordable skincare items that let the ingredients do the talking and don't make ridiculous promises.


For today's post I thought I would talk about one of my favourite quick fix skincare products - the sheet mask. These has taken the beauty world by storm over the past year and everyone seems to bringing out their own version of it. I actually remember trying my first ever one from Sephora and laughing about how much of an idiot I look but now everyone seems to be using these.


I hadn't done one of these posts in a while so I thought a current face of the day was long over due. Being a makeup addict means I have a pretty hefty collection so most days I will switch up the products I use, but there are still some firm favourites. I also switch my makeup up according to seasons so of course this collection is more tailored towards spring/summer.


I thought it was time I did another one in my series of 'If I could only own 5 of...' This time it is the turn of blushers and I have to say for me they aren't my favourite or key part of my makeup routine but I still love to use them. Whilst I don't find that a blusher adds loads to my makeup look it's still a nice addition and adds a lovely flush of colour to my cheeks.


This post would definitely be more suited to the winter but even with the weather getting warmer my skin is still suffering slightly. My skin tends to be oily on my nose and forehead but then ill get dry patches around my nose and also recently on my eyelids (don't ask me how or why!). For my eyelids I did have to go to the doctors again and get a steroid cream but the products in this post did help minimise the dryness.


With the seasons changing not only will I change up the makeup I wear everyday but also the products I carry around in my handbag to top up my makeup. As much as i'd love my makeup to last all day without tough ups it's pretty inevitable that it's going to need topping up. This post also gave me the opportunity to feature this amazing Mango bag, I've been obsessed with since I got it.


This month has been a pretty spendy one for me, although it was bonus month so I guess that is acceptable?! Since I did have a bit of extra cash I decided to go ahead and pick up some more expensive products that I had been lusting over instead of getting spending in Boots or Superdrug like I usually would. There was also a good Space NK offer (£15 off £60), which might have led me to placing two orders.


Hi, I'm Samantha and I'm a self confessed highlighter addict! For me these Anastasia Beverly Hills ones are some of the best out there and will forever be my favourites. I now have 3 in my collection so I thought they were deserving of a whole post about them. Also these are now a lot more available in the UK thanks to the ABH UK website.


Over the past few months I have amassed a pretty big collection of Colourpop lip products - this is also excluding the numerous Lippie Stix I have. If you haven't heard of Colourpop before (which is very unlikely), they are a fun US brand that is know for their liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows and highlighters which are all incredible quality at a seriously affordable price point. They have also in recent months started shipping directly to the UK meaning it is now a lot easier for us brits to access the products, minus the hefty customs charges of course.


As soon as I heard that Kylie Jenner was bringing out a range of highlighters (or Kylighters) I got a little excited and knew I had to order some. I always said I wasn't going to keep ordering from her website because of the customs charges but I'm a highlighter addict and couldn't resist these. I luckily somehow managed to snag two on the first day they were available and managed to order without too much issue.


If there is one piece of makeup you can really vary by season that is lipsticks. For me winter is all about berry reds, summer is about bright pinks/oranges, autumn is subtle nudes/brown and spring is rosy pinks. Since spring is now well and truly here, the clocks have gone forward meaning lighter evenings and it is starting to warm up I thought it was time to talk about the lip shades I will be wearing this season. 


This month I have been trialling quite a few different products so I thought it was only worthy of a whole post on them. Most of these I have been trying for a weeks now so I can't give some sort of opinion but for skincare and body care I like to test for a while before giving an honest opinion, so expect these to be featured again later on. So here is what I have been trialling.


If there is one thing I don't mine splurging on that is eyeshadow palettes. One of the main reasons is that you would usually get 12+ eyeshadows for around £30-40, which is great when you normally pay £5+ for a single eyeshadow. However, as much as I don't mind spending that little bit extra on a high end palette there are some really great, affordable palettes out there. So today I'm bringing you some of my favourites all for under £20.


I posted my first fashion post a few weeks ago now (here) and actually really enjoyed writing it. As much as my blog would suggest my biggest problem is buying makeup but clothes definitely come a close second, and online shopping is my downfall as you can do it anytime and anywhere. In my last post I mentioned ASOS as being my favourite online shop but I also buy a hell of a lot of stuff from MissGuided.