I did my first MAC lipstick collection just over a year ago now and since then I have added quite a few newbies to my collection, so I thought it was time for an update. MAC are definitely the undoubtable queens of lipsticks and have so many shades in every finish you could think of. They are also a pretty affordable price point, although whilst writing this post I did notice they are now £16.50 (why is every makeup brand putting up their prices!!). Anyway here is my collection...


Morange (amplified cream)

This is a permanent shade from MAC it's just the packaging that is limited edition, it was from their Wash & Dry range from a few years ago and is this fun, colourful tie dye bullet. The shade itself is described as a loudmouth orange and its definitely that, the amplified cream is smooth and creamy on the lips.

Royal Ball (lustre)

I picked up this one from the Cinderella collection a few years ago and it's unfortunately not a favourite of mine but I just can't bear to part with the pretty packaging. Anyway it's a very soft, pale pink shade in the lustre finish so it is almost like a balm that tints the lips.

Evening Rendezvous (matte)

This one was part of their holiday collection last year and I just fell for the vibrant purple packaging and the shade to match. It's a deep reddish purple that is the perfect shade for an autumnal look.

So Good For You (matte)

Finally this one was part of their most recent holiday collection all themed around the Nutcracker, so the packaging is all bright pops of pink, purple and gold. This limited edition shade is described as a intense cool red but I would say it has more of a pink tone to it.

Velvet Teddy (matte)

This is the lipstick that was made pretty famous after Kylie Jenner raved about it and it seemed to be sold out everyone all the time, so when I finally found it in stock I had to get it. Velvet Teddy is a deep toned beige which leans more toward to brown end in my opinion. The matte finish on this I find quite drying compared to other matte shades of theirs.

Brave (satin)

This was a favourite of mine for a long time and I do still wear it a lot now. It's a classic pinky nude with a pearlescent sheen to it. The satin finish of also leave my lips feeling soft and moisturised.

Honeylove (matte)

This is my current favourite lipstick and I wear it all the time. Although its a matte finish I don't find it drying and its the perfect cool toned nude shade.

Twig (satin)

I tend to neglect this shade but I do need to start wearing it more as it's so lovely. Twig is one of the darker shades in my collection and is described as muted brownish pink. Like brave it is in the satin finish so comfortable to wear.

Yash (matte)

When I picked this one I didn't realise quite how similar this one was to Honeylove, although I would say this one leans more towards the nude/brown side rather than pink. Again it's matte but I dint this one to be creamy and smooth on my lips.

Spirit (satin)

This is a pretty new shade to my collection and i've only worn it once or twice now. It's a pinky beige brown in a satin finish so there is a slight sheen to it.

Doe (liptensity)

This is from their relatively new range of lipsticks, Liptensity, which have added enhanced amounts of pigment for extreme colour intensity. They are also creamy and comfortable on the lip. Doe is a creamy neutral brown.

Whirl (matte)

This was brought out to accompany the bestselling lip liner. Whirl is a dirty rose brown shade in a matte finish. 

Faux (satin)

Now onto more of a the pink shades, Faux is a muted mauve pink but still quite a natural shade to wear.

Pink Plaid (matte)

Unfortunately this is another matte I have found to be quite drying but it is still wearable if I use a good balm underneath. Anyway this a dirty pink shade with blue undertones.

Steady Going (retro matte)

This is now from the retro matte finish and promises even more of a matte finish (although I didnt think that was possible from MAC). This is a light pink and a real barbie shade in my opinion.

Runway Hit (retro matte)

This was one of my bargain Bicester Village finds I got for about £11! Anyway another retro matte one and Runway Hit is described as a light nude but I would say it's a sort of muted salmon pink shade.

Speed Dial (cream sheen)

Another barbie pink shade but this one is in a cream sheen finish so more of a glossy sheen to it but still packed full of colour. This is slightly lighter than Steady Going but still with blue undertones.

Lustering (lustre)

This was one of my first lipsticks from MAC and I still love it a lot now. Lustering is described as an outspoken pink shade with a more sheer finish due to its lustre finish. 

Girl About Town (amplified cream)

One of the brightest shades I own from MAC and I do need to use it more as its so lovely. It's a bright fuchsia shade with blue undertones and the amplified cream finish means the colour playoff is very intense.

Flamingo (lustre) 

This is one of my favourite shades to wear during the summer as it adds a pop of colour but still isn't really bright. It's a pale milky coral shade with a sheer finish to it.

Fusion Pink (amplified cream)

Another bright pop of pink but this one leans more towards the red undertones that Girl About Town. It is also in the amplified cream finish so it has a very intense colour play off. MAC describe it as a bright pink and that it is.

Rebel (satin)

Now onto the deeper reds and purples and Rebel is just that a midtonal plum. This is one of my go tos for the autumn when it's all about plum lips.

Sin (matte)

This is definitely the darkest shade in my collection and probably the darkest I would wear on my lips. Sin is described as a deep dark blue red but I would say it leans more toward a reddish brown.

Men Love Mystery (matte)

One of the more brighter shades in my collection and so it doesn't get as much love as I don't think I can rock a purple lip everywhere. This is described as a lavender violet and it is just that in a matte finish.

Lady Danger (matte)

This was my first even MAC lipstick and I still love it to this day. It's a bright coral red that really makes the lips pop.

Ruby Woo (matte)

This is one of MAC's most famous shades and I was quite late to the party adding it to my collection. Ruby Woo is a vivid blue red and the perfect red shade that I wore a lot at Christmas time

What are your favourite MAC lipstick shades?



  1. Beautiful collection! I have to go and buy some of those shades haha. i love whirl and twig, you should try mocha, it's a satin shade.

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  2. That is one amazing collection!! My favourite MAC lipstick is Mehr, I just think it's the perfect shade for my colouring and it lasts so long on the lips xx

    Rhi x

  3. Such a beautiful collection!

    xo, Liz

  4. You've got so many amazing lipsticks! I want to go on a Mac lipstick shop now! I love the look of faux. X
    Kate// itskaterose.com

  5. So many beautiful shades! I have saved this to come back to because I have enough empties to get 2 new lipsticks! xx


  6. You have an amazing collection! I love all the brown/mauve/rose pink shades!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge