So it seems that spring is finally here and the weather is getting warmer, that also means Easter is nearing and I can't wait for that four day weekend! On the subject of Easter and Spring that also means its acceptable to start wearing pastels again and the way I love to do that is through my nails. I find the best way to experiment with colours I through my nails as it isn't too over the top but still very much noticeable and can tie a whole outfit together. So here are my pastel nail picks.

I mention this shade a lot on my blog but it's one of my favourite pale pink picks. This Topshop shade is now sold out so I will be gutted when I finish this bottle. The polish itself takes a could of coats to get an opaque look but it's not too much of an issue. It's a very soft pale pink that could almost pass for white, there is also a very slight shimmer to it that isnt too noticeable but I think it adds to the look of the nail.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Super shine in Wild-er-ness | £2.99

I have to say out of all the affordable nail polishes out there Rimmel aren't my favourite and these definitely don't dry in 60 seconds but I really love this shade. Part of the Rita Ora range its a pastel purpley blue shade. Unfortunately with this polish I find that even with a base and top coat it ends up chipping after a few days.

Barry M Speedy Polish in Pole Position | £2.99

I love the Speedy collection from Barry M as its the perfect collection of pastel shade, this one is slightly more out there and not one I wear all the time but it's good to have a shade like this and fun one to wear. Pole Position is a pastel lime green shade. These definitely do dry within minutes but unfortunately I find that means they chip easily.

Models Own Soft Pop in Candyfloss | £4.99

Models Own is definitely one of my favourite nail brands and every time I wear them it last for so long. This collection is a range of pastel neon shades and my favourite is definitely this pink shade, as the name suggests its a candy floss pink shade that really pops on your nails and helps enhance a tan.

Barry M Speedy Polish in Eat My Dust | £2.99

You can probably tell by now that I love this collection as I've included two in this post and I also own 6/7 different colours from it. This one is a sky blue shade that I find a lot more wearable than the green shade. Again unfortunately I find that this one can chip easily, which I think is down to the fast drying formula.

What are your pastel nail picks?



  1. All these shades are super pretty but I especially love the lilac one by Rimmel! It's gorgeous! X


  2. Rimmel Wild-er-ness is on my nails right now and has been since the start of the year, obviously re-painted ha ha, but it's just my favourite colour of all time I love it! Thank you for the other lovely recommendations.

    Alice // alicemaysnell

  3. These are so cute and perfect for spring, I love eat my dust

    Technicolor ♥ Heart

  4. These shades are beautiful! Love all of 'em!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge