So it's been almost a year since I finished university and 5 whole years since I applied, I'm getting all nostaligic lately after seeing my Facebook statues of my applications being accepted. I thought it was a good time to write this post as I know a lot of people will be heading off to uni in September and I definitely wish i'd more about other peoples experiences before heading off to Bournemouth.


It was when I started my GSCEs that I really decided university was what I wanted to do, I had originally planned to study Law but after finding out how much reading and remembering case studies was involved I steered clear. The application process for me started at the end of AS levels as that is when all of the open days start for the following years applications. I pretty much dragged my dad half way around the country to several different open days (Bournemouth, Leeds, Chester, Brighton, Essex, Portsmouth & Bristol), I knew instantly when I went to Bournemouth (BU) that I could see myself living there and that was my number one choice.

Another part of the application process is your covering letter, and this caused me and my sixth form tutor sleepless nights. I'm not entirely sure if this is still part of the process although if not I'm sure something similar will be in place. Im such a perfectionist that I was never happy with it and in the end my tutor had to force me to send it, i'd just heard so many horror stories of others being rejected for plagiarism (although I'm sure that is very few). I got all of my acceptances within a few weeks of each and went for Bournemouth as my number one choice and Portsmouth my second. A Level results say came round before I knew it and thankfully I found out I was heading to Bournemouth before even seeing my actual results.


I really didnt know what to expect from freshers, BU had two weeks of parties and introductions, I guess that was a small selling point to me as well. I spent my entire final year of A Levels out every Friday and Saturday night so I was sure that my body could handle a lot of drinking, however, 4 weeks of partying definitely took its toll. I ended up with freshers flu and a stern phone call from my parents after spending a hell of a lot of money and destroying my liver with alcohol.

You will meet a wide variety of people, I was a little apprehensive about my flatmates in first year as I wasn't sure what they'd be like and scared we wouldn't get on, but we ended up having some amazing times. Let me just also say that if your a clean freak that will all end up gone, I always thought I was like that but with 6 people and 3 of them being messy boys your flat will never stay clean.


One of the main reasons I picked my Accounting and Business degree at BU was the sandwich degree. You can start applying for placements in the summer before you start your second year, I had originally planned to enjoy my summer and start in the September but a drunken broken ankle put that on hold. I started applying for mine in the November and because of the nature of my degree there were lots of different jobs out there and I applied for a lot! I did mange to get quite a few interviews but nothing came of them and most of them I applied for I didn't even hear anything back! To be honest this was one of the longest and annoying processes in my life, I really was losing all hope when it got to June and I still had nothing. I even started planning a year travelling Australia instead of a placement, until finally the dream job came along - it is actually the company I am now working at as a graduate!


I thought this deserved a section of its own as money troubles were definitely massive for me. I was one of the unlucky ones that got the minimal loan amount, that didn't even cover my rent but luckily my parents were able to help me out. However, I did go from a full time job and money constantly in my bank to no longer being able to treat myself and had to think more sensibly about buying food and paying bills. Having no money was definitely one thing I don't miss about uni and I don't think I could go back to that again after now earning a full time wage. I was also the first year of the £9k fees and so I have left with a pretty hefty loan of about £40k+, I have been told this wont go against me for a mortgage but I guess I will find out when that happens.


I knew going into final year that this was when the real work had to start and since my second year grade wasn't as good as I wanted I had to give one final last push. There was a blessing and a curse to my final year units as I didn't have a dissertation but I had loads of group work and sometimes I would have preferred that 10,000 word essay. Also in final year I didn't go out half as much as I had in previous years and heading into uni as much as possible became a priority to get my work done.


This could be a part of final year but I had a number of exams every year of my degree. I would have thought that I was used to exams by now after taking 4 A Levels that were all exam based, however, in Uni you don't get the revision sessions and help like you used to get in school. I definitely think in final year I finally got into a good revision process and actually did really well in my exams, I just wish I had done this in first and second year.


So now all the hard part is over and time to get that certificate to finalise the end of four hard years. My graduation was in November, which was slightly annoying as I went to uni at one of the best beach towns and it was wet and cold on my graduation. The day itself flashes by so quickly and what I can remember vividly is queueing to go on stage and thinking I was going to fall and face plant the floor. However, the day really was incredible and a great was to signal the end of my degree.

Are any of you heading off to university this year?



  1. I loved reading this! I only went to uni for 6 months and in my hometown so I never got to experience much of it but I love reading other peoples stories. My husband is off to uni next year though which means moving somewhere new and I can experience it vicariously through him x

    Always, Alice

  2. I'm currently in my second year and I can say I've thoroughly enjoyed it so much! I love reading about other peoples university experiences especially from different countries and places since it can be so different and varied. I get very nervous about having to get a 'real' job after this and doing work experience because I know I'm gonna have to apply to heaps of places and probs won't hear back from lots!
    Kathy x