So Valentines day is almost here and I can't quite believe how fast this year is going. Valentines for me is never normally about romance as it is also my mum's birthday and this year its her 50th so we are heading to a spa in the day and then for a meal in the evening. My boyfriend will of course join us but we don't tend do anything romantic for valentines anyway. However, we do get each other something little for the day and in this post i'll talk about some amazing beauty buys any girls would love for valentines including me.

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick | £15.50

Valentines and love is all about everything red so of course a red lipstick is a must and what better than a MAC one. Ruby Woo is one of the most famous shades and is a vivid red shade with blue undertones and in a matte finish. You really can't go wrong with a MAC lipstick and this one is amazing, no wonder its a bestseller! I also love that this type of red helps make your teeth look whiter!

Kylie Cosmetics Sweetheart Mini Kit | $22.00

Kylie has been teasing us about this Valentines range for a while and when it was finally released this week it all sold out pretty much straight away, this kit is still available however. This kit includes an eyeshadow duo and a liquid lipstick and gloss . The eyeshadows are Love Letter, a matter neon coral, and Baby, a metallic silver, I haven't actually tried any of Kylie's eyeshadows although they do look really pigmented! The liquid lipstick is Dolce K, a deep beige nude, and the gloss is Literally, a mid-tone nude. 

Of course this heart shaped blush had to be included by Too Faced. I've been wanting to try these love flush blushers for a while and have yet to get my hands on one but I definitely will add one to my collection soon. The blushers comes in a large array of shades suitable for all occasions and skintone, Love Hangover, a peachy coral, is the one i'm after. The compacts also have an adorable pattern embossed in them that make it almost too good to use.

Lush are definitely the Queens of holiday themes ranges and their Valentines one is amazing every year, with favourites like Prince Charming, Cupid and the Unicorn Horn. I picked up a few bits and this bubble bar was a must buy. The rainbow coloured bar lathers up on your skin leaving you clean and smelling delicious and moisturised.

If there is one place to go for loving body care then head down to The Body Shop and this adorable valentines set is perfect. This heart shaped set features a number of their strawberry flavoured products including, shower gel, body butter, lip butter and a spray, to ensure you'll be smelling fresh and fruity all the time.

Yet another valentines release but I think this is my favourite by far. The Valentine Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury is a gorgeous petal pink shade and is sure to make your lips kissable on Valentines Day. I love the formula of these CT lipsticks are they are so moisturising, containing soothing orchid and extracts from the lipstick tree. You also have the added bonus of the gorgeous rose gold packaging!

Of course on Valentines any girl wants to be treated like a princess and so this perfume is perfect - and one of my personal favourite. This perfume comes in a heart shaped bottle with a crown on top and its a very pale purple in colour. This is a fresh and floral scent with vanilla, succulent flowers and exotic fruits.

Unintentionally another princess themed but this is one of the gifts my boyfriend is getting me this year! There is a lot of controversy about Jeffree Star and I have to say I really don't want to give money to him as he isn't my type of person but I have been wanting to try these highlighters for ages. Princess Cut is a soft lilac shade with an intense icy shimmer.

What gifts will you be giving or hoping to receive this valentines?



  1. I'd love anything from Kylies collection and Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity. I don't have a bae though so I guess I'll be treating myself haha! X


  2. The Vera Wang princess perfume is such a good idea! Packaging is so pretty and feminine
    Kathy x

  3. So badly want to try Too Faced products just sucks they not available in our country

    Beauty Candy Loves

  4. Ooo really good gift ideas! Can't go wrong with perfume and makeup really can you! Ha ha I'd much rather this then followers hehe xoxo

  5. These are such great gift ideas! I'd love to get any of these :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge