I recently got a super exciting email so say I was now party of the Nouveau Lashes #LashGang, basically it's a group of beauty bloggers who all have a passion for lashes!  I got invited to this at the beginning of January and I've had such a busy few weeks this is the first chance i've had to introduce the brand to my blog. Nouveau Lashes are a brand know for their amazing lash treatments and fabulous false lashes. The treated includes the LVL enhance treatment and the SVS lash extensions treatment, I myself am dying to try out the LVL enhance one and need to get booked into my local salon ASAP.

Being part of the lash gang I was kindly sent a goodie bag full of products to try, you also get monthly update emails with assignments etc. and the opportunity to try out there treatments! They also do lots of blogging events, which I'm excited to be able to attend and meet lots of other bloggers. Now onto the exciting part, the products...

This is part of their Glamour range, perfect for that wow look and that night out you have planned. These give your lashes a big, bold statement look with full length and volume the entirety of the lash. Each lash is individually defined and so blends into your natural lashes really well. What I love about these lashes is the thin application strip that isn't heavy or clumpy on the eyes.

These are my favourites out of the three and have already worn them a few times - another good thing about these lashes is that they can be used and used again! This set has lots of single lashes helping give lots of volume, this set gather length towards the edge for a feline line to the edge of lashes.

This set is the most suitable for everyday use, it adds a little length and volume to natural lashes without looking too heavy or overdone. This set has individual lashes in small bunches which add to the natural look of these lashes.

All three sets come with a mini tube of glue and I really wasn't expecting a lot but it's actually really good and secures the lashes in place for hours. I'm just not keep on the tube it comes in as I end up getting it everywhere.

I've never really used a lash serum and wasn't really sure how well they worked. This one is packed full of nursing goodness and helps them appear instantly conditioned and there is long term benefits to help lashes appear fuller. I have only been using this a few weeks and already noticed a difference so I'm hoping long term I will end up with fuller and thicker looking lashes.

Say hello to one of the most amazing eye makeup removers and so gentle on your eyes. It's a gel formula that I apply to a cotton pad and swipe over my eyes, it pulls away even the toughest of eye makeup but still keeps you lashes in great condition. It is also okay to use if you have lash extensions as it wont loosen the glue or pull away the lashes.

I can't wait to feature lots more of Nouveau lashes on my blog and try out lots of the other lashes and treatments.

Have any of your tried out the Nouveau lash treatments or false lashes?



  1. Hey girl I love reading you're blog, I nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award, Read more on Robinbeeblog!

  2. Hey girl I love reading you're blog, I nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award, Read more on Robinbeeblog!

  3. I really like the style of the third set of false lashes.. they look like the perfect everyday lash!