Single eyeshadows have become pretty big recently and they are great as it gives you the opportunity to customise your own eyeshadow palette all with shades you know you will use! Customising your own palette compared to buying a ready made palettes also eliminates those shades you would never use. 

Makeup Geek is probably one of the most popular brands in the UK for this, as they are much more affordable than the likes of MAC and ABH but still that great quality. I was relatively late to the party on this one and didn't start my collection until late last year, I read through lots of blogs before finally settling on 10 shades that I knew I would use a lot and as you would expect mostly neutrals.

MUG have three different types of eyeshadow the standard range (£6.00), the duochrome range (£6.00) and the foiled range (£9.25). The standard range is the biggest with over 70 different shades in matte, satin or shimmer finishes. The duochrome one is as you would guess shimmery eyeshadows that reflect into two different iridescent shades, there are 9 shades to choose. Then the most expensive range is the foiled one but also the most impressive, they are a really intense buttery glitter shade in 12 different shades. Now lets get onto the shades I have.

Shimma Shimma 

This is one of my most used shades everyday for the simple fact that it goes with everything and it's the perfect brow bone and inner corner highlighter. The shade itself is a very pale, almost white, gold that really just makes your eyes pop.

Peach Smoothie

This is the shade I tend to use as a base colour before adding darker bronze and brown shades on top. Peach Smoothie is as you would expect a soft matte peachy shade, I don't find this to be the most pigmented but it works as a base colour.


This is one I haven't actually used as much as I tend to favour more bronzey, coppery looks but I have decided I will use it more. This is a nudey pink shimmer that would make the perfect all over lid shade.

Creme Brûlée

This matte shade is one of my favourites to use to add depth to my lids or as a base for a deeper crease shade. This is a matte caramel brown shade.


I find this to be very similar to the last shade but slightly darker and deeper. Like Creme Brûlée I use this as a crease colour and either leave it on its own or will layer a darker shade on top.

In The Spotlight (foiled)

Now onto the most amazing intense shimmers I have ever tried. In the spotlight is a shimmery pink gold shade that I use to either brighten the inner corner or I'll use it as a shimmer on the lids.

Grandstand (foiled)

Another of the foiled ones and you can see from the swatches just how intense the shimmers are. This is a darker copper, rose gold that is a real striking lid colour.

Cocoa Bear 

This is one of the only really intense crease shades I have so I will be adding more to my collection but Cocoa Bear is a matte reddish, brown that is great for adding intensity to the crease and it blends out so well.

Karma (duochrome)

I find the duochrome to be just as intense as the foiled ones but slight more of a dewy glow than an actual shimmer. Karma is a gold shade that reflects between a more intense yellow to a softer cream shimmer.

Ritzy (duochrome)

Another iridescent shimmer but with this one you can see the colours reflecting a lot more. Ritzy reflects a gold into a darker mocha shade.

What are your favourite MUG shades?



  1. Your collection is so beautiful! I really want to try Makeup Geek shadows but haven't yet!

    xo, Liz

  2. Love all of these shadows, they all look so wearable! In The Spotlight has to be my favourite, it's such a gorgeous colour! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  3. I love the MUG eyeshadows. Karma looks like such a beautiful shade!

  4. In the spotlight looks soooo gorgeous! This is such a good choice of shades - I bet they all work so well together!xx

    Lucy x |

  5. I love Shimma Shimma and Ritzy! MUG isn't readily available in our country so for a freedom system-type palette, I might have to buy from Inglot.
    Ela |

  6. You have a beautiful collection! This makes me want to put in an order at Makeup Geek, haha. Love the look of Grand Stand!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  7. You have lovely shades in your collection! I only have 3 MUG shadows so far.. slowing trying to fill a Z palette! I love that they have so many different shades to choose from..

  8. Some absolutely gorgeous shades here!! I seriously need to try more eyeshadow brands x

    Lauren |

  9. Shimma shimma is one of my favourites by MUG. Creme Brule looks really pretty too, I want to try it! X

  10. These look so beautiful, I really want to try some Makeup Geek shadows, the quality seems great

    Technicolor ♥ Heart

  11. Ritzy is gorgeous!! Such a great collection lots of pretty neutrals