I did one of these posts back in the summer last year (here) but I have tried out and bought so many more recently I thought it was time to do another. Liquid lipsticks are so big at the moment and pretty much every brand has their own version now. I really like them for ease of use and application, this selection is more about the brands that aren't so famous for their liquid lipsticks but do have great versions.

I picked up this Revlon version as they had been catching my eye for a while and I was intrigued about trying them. Passion is a burgundy red shade and one I'm wishing I had before the festive period but I have loved wearing it a few times recently. One thing I would say about this is that they are less matte and more of a glossy/satin finish, which is strange considering they are called matte. However, that doesn't really bother me as I don't have anything like it.

MAC launched their liquid lipstick collection early last year and at first it didn't really interest me, I had lots of other already and none of the shades jumped out at me. However, I did spot this one at the outlet shop in Bicester Village and I think it was only £12 so I just got it. This shade is definitely more appropriate for summer so I haven't actually worn it out the house, but Mango Mango is just that a bright mango/peach shade that I think will look great with a tan in the summer.

This was a birthday gift but one I'm so glad to try as I have been wanting to for a while. The liquid lipstick by Lime Crime has quite a creamy, runny formula but that means the lips can be coated quickly (although don't use too much). The finish is matte as the velvet name would suggest. Buffy is a true neutral nude shade.

L'Oreal Infallible Liquid Lipstick in Raspoutine-Me #404 | £6.99

For some strange reason I can't seem to find this anywhere online, I bought it from Superdrug a few weeks ago but now it's like it doesn't seem to exist. Anyway this is a matte version of the Infallible lip glosses so technically a liquid lipstick. The shade is a coral orange and one I know i'll wear a lot in summer. Although this is a matte finish it does have a slight shine to it.

I mention this one a lot but recently it's a favourite. These by Chanel are quite watery based and so more is needed for an opaque coat but I like that as it isn't heavy on the lips. The shade is Amoureux, which is a muted mauve pink that is definitely a your lips but better shade in my opinion.

I think I had just gotten this around my last liquid lipstick post and so hadn't had enough time to gauge my opinion but now I love them! These are by beauty guru Huda Kattan who really knows a thing or too about makeup and she got it right with these. The liquid is running but not too much and it coats the lips easily and quickly. They have a matte finish but I still find them really moisturising.

Mine version of this is a mini in one of their matte sets but i'm so glad to see there is a full size as I love the shade. Patina is described as a mute petal pink but I would say it is darker and more of a mauve pink shade. The formula of these is creamy and you don't need a lot to cover your lips with a opaque colour.

These new lip kits are definite dupes of Kylie's but that doesn't surprise me from MUR as they are the queens of dupes. They come with a liquid lipstick and lipliner but my lipliner broke as soon as I opened it so that didn't impress me. However, the liquid lipstick seems to be a nice formula and not as thick or drying as I find Kylie's. Reign is a soft rosy pink and very similar to Kylie's KoKo K in my opinion.

What are your favourite liquid lipstick brands?



  1. I love my lime crime lipstick, annoyingly I've seem to have lost it so I can't even wear it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Liquid lipsticks are my favourite makeup products ever! Reign by makeup revolution is such a pretty shade! X


  3. Reign looks like such a pretty shade. It's a shame about the lip liner though! x

    Jordan Alice

  4. Anything liquid lipstick gets my attention, such an easy product to wear1

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  5. I really want to try something from Huda Beauty!

    x Vanessa

  6. I really want to try the Revlon liquid lipsticks been hearing great things about it

    Beauty Candy Loves

  7. Lovely picks! Such pretty shades. I need Patina in my life!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge