So another month has just ended and time is honestly going so quick, I'm sure it will be summer before I know it! This month has been pretty hectic for me as my mum and and were on holiday for the first two weeks so I had the task of looking after my dog and the house. I was also planning a surprise party for my mum's 50th, which went off without a hitch and she was surprised! This months favourite is a mix of new products and old favourites I have rediscovered.


Painting my nails is definitely my favourite past time, I find it so relaxing and I also couldnt be see out of the house with badly chipped nails or no polish at all. However, now with a full time job I don't have the time to paint them as often as I would like. Today's post is about all of the nail colours I have worn over the past month or so, as you can see from the shade selection I don't have a preference and any colour tends to go!


Single eyeshadows have become pretty big recently and they are great as it gives you the opportunity to customise your own eyeshadow palette all with shades you know you will use! Customising your own palette compared to buying a ready made palettes also eliminates those shades you would never use. 


I tend to say to myself often (and my mum tells me) that I don't typically need any more but who can resist all of the pretty products there are from amazing brands. Makeup is definitely a big passion of mine and I may well have an addiction but there are so many brands out there and todays post is all about those I would love to try some more products from. 


Over the past year or so I have really tried to up my skincare game and that includes adding lots of new luxurious products to it. This post is a run down of all the facial oils I have tried and how they worked for me. I have combination skin so an oily t-zone and then dry patches around my eyes and nose, so I can have a love hate relationship with facial oils. As I have combination skin I favour this type of products in the evening so it can sink in over night and it doesn't highlight my oily t-zone under my makeup!


Recently I have picked up a lot of new foundations, I think it has become a bit of an obsession of mine. However, I will always have my favourites, this post is the next in my series of the 'If I could only own 5' and the foundations were actually hard to narrow down. My foundation collection tends to lean more towards to medium-full coverage because if I am going to wear makeup I would actually rather people know it! So here are the top 5 foundations I would keep if I could only have 5.


I recently got a super exciting email so say I was now party of the Nouveau Lashes #LashGang, basically it's a group of beauty bloggers who all have a passion for lashes!  I got invited to this at the beginning of January and I've had such a busy few weeks this is the first chance i've had to introduce the brand to my blog. Nouveau Lashes are a brand know for their amazing lash treatments and fabulous false lashes. The treated includes the LVL enhance treatment and the SVS lash extensions treatment, I myself am dying to try out the LVL enhance one and need to get booked into my local salon ASAP.


If there is one high end brand I love it's Charlotte Tilbury, the products and the packaging just ooze luxury and it's such a treat when you purchase a product. I bought my first CT products at the end of 2015 and haven't looked back since, there is still so many other products I want to try. I always find the counters (and now the Covent Garden store) to be such a feel good place and if you've ever been to one and seen how busy they are you'll know just how popular CT is. In this post I'll give you a run down of all the products I have tried and mention a few i'm still hoping to try.


Recently I have picked up lots of new products from Boots, Superdrug etc. I tend to go through phases with drugstore makeup, sometimes it can be months without me buying anything from there and then all of a sudden I will spend a small fortune in there. I had actually been racking up a bit of a list of different products I wanted to try out or repurchase. Today's post is a haul of all the products I have picked up over the last few months.


I really can't believe that yesterday marked two years of blogging of me, seriously where has those two years gone?! I remember starting out taking photos on my iPhone, with no proper set up and I'm so embarrassed now to look back at those photos. I'm so happy I took up blogging and it has definitely given me something to focus on outside of work/uni etc. and talk about my biggest passion in life - Beauty of course!


So Valentines day is almost here and I can't quite believe how fast this year is going. Valentines for me is never normally about romance as it is also my mum's birthday and this year its her 50th so we are heading to a spa in the day and then for a meal in the evening. My boyfriend will of course join us but we don't tend do anything romantic for valentines anyway. However, we do get each other something little for the day and in this post i'll talk about some amazing beauty buys any girls would love for valentines including me.


If there is one beauty products I love to hate its liquid eyeliner. I'm not whether its my lack of talent at applying or the stuggle to find one that makes it easy to apply, I tend to avoid wearing it like the plague. However, recently I have been picking up a few more to try out and especially ones I hear others rave about and today i'll be giving you my thoughts.


There is nothing better than having a pamper night in my opinion, this normally consists of a hair mask, face mask and nail painting but it really is body care products that I love. Especially when you can have a nice hot bath, smother yourself in something and throw on clean pyjamas. Sometimes my body can also feel drained and tired either from a long day at work, a tough workout or just lack of energy but pampering can help elevate that pain/discomfort.


I did one of these posts back in the summer last year (here) but I have tried out and bought so many more recently I thought it was time to do another. Liquid lipsticks are so big at the moment and pretty much every brand has their own version now. I really like them for ease of use and application, this selection is more about the brands that aren't so famous for their liquid lipsticks but do have great versions.