If there is one brand I think has makeup brushes nailed it's Zoeva. The German brand has grown from strength to strength in the past few years and i've yet to hear from someone who didn't get on with the brushes. They have a crazy selection of brush sets and singles and have recently gone into makeup with eyeshadow palettes, contour kits, liquid lipsticks and so much more. 

Last Christmas I got the Rose Golden Vol 1 set and so this year my mum kindly got me the Volume 2 set and I was so excited to be able to expand my collection. This collection features brushes with pale pink handles and gold hardware in comparison to the first version with black handles and rose gold hardware. They also come housed in a rose gold wallet style case that I find perfect for travelling and storing your brushes making sure they are in pristine condition when you get to your destination.

This set retails for £65 and if you think about that is great value for the 8 brushes you get and they end up being less than £9 for each brush. I would definitely recommend buying sets because initially you may not always use all the brushes at some point they come in handy and it is always cheaper than buying the brushes individually.

The brushes themselves are a mix between face and eye and in this one you tend to get more eye brushes than the first volume. So here they are...

#104 Buffer brush

This is probably my favourite out of the set and I actually already had a single of it before getting this set so now I have a back up. Everyone raves about the Silk Finish brush for foundation but I prefer this one for a flawless finish and ensuring all my foundation is buffed into my skin. 

#126 Luxe Cheek Finish Brush

I really love these white bristled brushes for how soft they are but they pick up so much product. I have been using this one for blush application and it applies just the right amount to give my cheeks a flush but not to let me end up looking like a clown

#109 Luxe Face Paint Brush

I have to say this flat top contour style brush hasn't been my most used as I have a similar style one from Morphe. However, I am planning to use it more to help give my cheeks a defined contour with a powder bronzer.

#228 Luxe Crease Brush

These fluffy eye brushes from Zoeva are some of my favourite for eyeshadow application. This one has long bristles to point at one end, perfect for blending out you crease colour.

#234 Luxe Smoky Shader Brush

This one was a good one to see in a set as I don't have anything like it in my collection. The brush is flat with tightly packed but still fluffy bristles and a curved edge. I have been using this one for an all over lid colour and normally a shimmery shade on top of a matte base.

#226 Smudger Brush

Again another I didn't have in my collection but something I have been looking for. This one has even tighter packed bristles and a curved edge for blending out liner on the lash liner and giving that smudged out natural look.

#317 Winger Liner Brush

This is a duplicate from the first Rose Golden collection but I was glad to see it as I use this for my brows with my ABH DipBrow and its perfect for defining the brows but filling them it. My old brush had become slightly worn and lost it's shape so I was glad for a replacement.

#322 Brow Line

I'm unsure why they call this a brow brush as I find it way to fat to do my brows, it may work for people who prefer a more natural look but I like really definition. I may use this for a smoky eye look with eyeliner but its probably my least favourite in the set.

I would definitely recommend if your on the hunt for some new brushes to check out Zoeva and even this set, but there are plenty of over sets available here.

Have you tried any of the Zoeva brushes?



  1. You really can't beat Zoeva for brushes! I have the eye set in the rose gold and I love them! I find the brow line too big for my brows too but really like it for concealer cleanup around them because of how precise it can be!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. I've never tried Zoeva brushes and usually stick to a drugstore brand like RT but really wanna try this set!
    Kathy x

  3. I like that with this set you can do a full face of makeup with them.. i've been uming and arring over which set to get from Zoeava but i like that this one has most brushes you would need


  4. These brushes are the prettiest, I only have two but desperately want more! x

    Gemma Louise