I'm really loving Too Faced lately and their products are always so pretty and have such fun names - who doesn't want a mascara called Better Than Sex! In the UK they are stocked at both Debenhams and Selfridges making it so much more accessible now. My favourites I have tried from them so far is definitely the Better than Sex mascara, Born This Way concealer/foundation and as you'll read about shortly the eyeshadow palettes.

Their new Sweet Peach collection caught my eye after seeing it everywhere on social media and those adorable PR packages. The Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette itself was released earlier in 2016 and I had to admit it didn't catch my eye to begin with (there were lots of neutral shades and very few actual peach ones). However, when I heard it was relaunching just after Christmas and I had a Debenhams voucher I took the plunge and bought it.

The Chocolate Bar Palette is probably one of their most famous palettes in my opinion, who doesn't want to apply makeup that smells delicious?! I picked up my palette when I was in NY 18 months ago and so ended up being a little cheaper but now with the exchange rate I would imagine from America its the same price as in the UK.

Now onto the comparison... Both of them are housed in a metal casing and the same rectangular size - perfect for carrying around and travelling and not taking up too much space. Also the fact that it is metal means its sturdy and keeps the shadows safe and secure. Both also have a mirror but I wouldn't say it was the most handy as it is thin and narrow and so you can't see your whole face.

In the Chocolate Bar palette you get 16 shades in either matte or shimmer finish, with a sickly chocolate scent, the shades range from natural browns to soft pinks and the addition of vibrant purples (very much reminiscent of Cadburys in my opinion). The Sweet Peach Palette has 18 shades, again in either matte or shimmer finish and shades are much more colourful and summery than the chocolate one. The shades include peachy pinks, corals, bronzes and some intense purples. 

I find these to be so richly pigmented and the colour play off is amazing with only a tiny bit needed on your brush. I actually find with these that once on the eyelids these are so much more intense and so blendable. 

In the Chocolate Bar palettes my favourites are definitely; Hazelnut (soft brown), Creme Brûlée (shimmery bronze), Black Forrest Truffle (shimmer dark purple) and Champagne Truffle (shimmering pearl). In the Sweet Peach I have been loving; Just Peachy (shimmery coral), Luscious (peachy champagne), Charmed, I'm Sure (earth brown) and Summer Yum (terracotta brown).

What are you thoughts on these palettes?



  1. Great post! I've heard so much hype around both of these palettes & I'm dying to add them to my collection!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge // Enter My Giveaway!

  2. Great comparison :) I only own the chocoalte bar palette at the moment but I would love to buy the peaches one too!

  3. Unfortunately I haven't got either of these palettes but I love Too Faced eyeshadow so I can imagine how amazing they are! I've wanted the chocolate bar palette for so long now!

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

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  5. Great post comparing the two.. the chocolate bar palette has more shades i'd wear on an everyday basis rather than the peach palette i don't really wear pink/purple shades... but they both have stunning shades in them


  6. I was thinking to purchase this palette for a long time. Recently, I did makeup classes for beginners by Lina Cameron , I met Lucy there. It was my birthday and gifted me this palette. I so freaking love this palette! It smells so good, totally like a chocolate bar! Its a must have for those who love to do natural eye-look or light eye makeups. This palette is really pigmented too! <3
    I really love to use this everyday for my classes! Thanks to her for giving me this one and you too for this wonderful review. I will recommend this one for sure! <3

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