In the beauty world there are so many products that are hyped up and talked about that a lot, and probably one of the main reasons everyones seems to want them or have them already. I will say I am one of those who buys into the hype and I have a collection of products that I have bought and either thought they were amazing or wondered what all the fuss was about. In this post I'll give a run down of some of the most hyped up products in my opinion and whether they are worth it.

I found this foundation to be massively hyped up for a while and I did avoid buying it for a while as the word sheer completely put me off, I am someone who loves wearing makeup and I like to see a difference when I wear so I want foundation to transform my skin. I ended up buying this when ASOS had 20% off so it was a little cheaper and I wouldn't have felt so bad if I didnt like it. Now let me say I now understand the hype and have loved this foundation since I got it. It's definitely not sheer and more of a medium coverage that helps your skin glow from within. 

Worth it? Yes I would definitely recommend this and everyone should try it!

Another that was hyped about but it didn't really come onto my radar until this time last year after seeing it on so many blogs and instagrams. My mum got me it as an end of exams present and even the packaging had me sold straight away. Champagne Pop is a soft peachy gold, and instead of shimmer its more of dewy, pearlized glow. The formula is probably the best i've ever tried, the powder is finely milled so it becomes so buttery and melts into your skin.

Worth it? Yes this is an amazing highlighter and looks beautiful!

I actually tried this about 3/4 years ago when it was first available in the UK and became hyped up in the UK. This really is an eyebrow game changer and I use it every day, I have yet to find a product that lives up to this. The creamy formula glides onto your brown easily and smoothly and helps fill in and define my sparse brows.

Worth it? Yes it will completely transform your brows

In my opinion these are probably one of the most hyped up beauty products ever! In the first few months you couldn't get your hands on these easily, unless you were on the website at ridiculous times and queuing. I wanted until the hype had died down a little to make my purchase and picked up two kits and a gloss. The formula of the liquid lipsticks are very thick and dry so fast that they leave my lips in a dire state once taken off. I do love the colour selection she has, and there are still a few shades I would like to have. Another thing that puts me off these is the customs charges, you seems to get them no matter what, although now it is a little better as you get free delivery on international orders over $60. I'm a bit of a sucker and did buy into the hype of these and probably still will, but there is definitely better and more comfortable liquid lipsticks available.

Worth it? No the shade selection may be amazing but the formula isn't the best and there are much nicer and cheaper ones available

There was a lot of hype around this for a while but I always thought I had found my perfect concealer in the drug store ones I had tried. I finally took the plunge and picked one of these up and to see what everyone raved about it for. This is a creamy concealer but it isn't cakey or heavy and covers up every imperfection. I find this so comfortable to wear and it blends out a dream using a damp beauty blender.

Worth it? Yes its amazing and will transform you makeup

I picked this up when it was first released and before I had heard of any hype really but now everyone seems to talk about it and let me tell you why. The curved plastic brush with tiny bristles helps coat every last giving loads of length. It can be built up for more volume or just a few coats if you only want the length. As much as I love this mascara I actually prefer the Luscious version for a more intense volumized look, although the hype around this is still very much right!

Worth it? Yes but consider trying out their Luscious version as that is amazing!

When Kylie Jenner mentioned this as one of her favourite lipsticks it sold out every immediately for a good few months you just couldn't seem to get hold of it. At the time I picked mine up in America, where I'm sure they seemed to have a lot more available. Velvet Teddy is a deep beige shade in a matte finish and in my opinion a perfect nude shade. One thing I can't stand about this lipstick is the matte finish, I find it just to be so drying and it can end up patchy after a few hours and dry my lips out. 

Worth it? No I would try out other shades and finishes from their selection 

These are probably some of the most famous eyeshadow palettes in the beauty world and if you don't own at least one or have heard of them you must have been living under a rock. They were some of the first truly neutral palettes around and definitely set the pace for the neutral palettes to come. In the Naked collection there are a number of different palettes; Naked 1 is the original with warm pinks, browns, gold and some deeper blues, Naked 2 has more earthy cool shades, Naked 3 is a collection of pinks, rose golds and taupes. The most recent additions are the Naked Smoky, which as you can get is darker smoky shades and the Naked Ultimate Basics, which is an all matte palette of neutrals. However, as much as the palettes and shade selections are amazing, I don't rate the formula as find them to be powdery and chalky and much prefer buttery soft eyeshadows.

Worth it? Yes but there are still a lot of other palettes on the market that live up to the hype of these palettes

What are the products you have bought due to hype? Do you think they were worth it?



  1. I just ordered the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, I can't wait to finally try it! Great post!

    Grace x

  2. The Urban Decay concealer is top of my list of things to buy, it sounds amazing! Nars sheer glow foundation though just doesn't work for my skin! x


  3. I completely agree with all of your views here. I'll have to try the Luscious version of the Lash Sensational.

    Abigail Alice 💕

  4. I keep holding out on the Kylie Lip Kits! And I really want to try out Nars SG x

    Joyce x

  5. I totally agree with you on the Kylie Lip Kits. They have amazing shades, but the formula just isn't for me sadly. I really need to pick up the Sheer Glow, omg!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge // Enter My Giveaway!

  6. Loved this post! Absolutely agree about the Nars Sheer Glow and Lash Sensational mascara, they are both some of my holy grail products. I need that urban decay concealer next though!!
    Holly x |

  7. Such a shame that you aren't big on Velvet Teddy, the MAC mattes are actually one of my favourite mattes as I don't find them drying at all! Agreed with your Sheer Glow though, such an amazing foundation!

    The Makeup Directory