2017 GOALS

Here it is, my first post of 2017! Sorry it's so late but I entered the year with the worst flu of my life and I'm still suffering with it now! I've been dosing up on medicine, sleeping lots and keeping warm and I'm hoping it will be gone soon as I don't think I can take much more. Anyway todays post is going to be all about some of the mini life and blog goals I have set myself for the year and hopefully my start to the year doesn't mean how it will carry on.


Now that I'm in a full time job and earning a good wage I want to start saving for a house, however, I still want to spend a little of it and see some more of the world. Me and my boyfriend have decided we want to go to Italy for a long weekend and to a Greek Island in September for a week long break, also hopefully we will be going away for new years eve if we can find a good enough deal. My graduation present was also a trip away and I've decided on Paris, I went there with the school when I was a lot younger so I'm excited to see the City again now I'm a little older. 


I met say this every year along with 90% of the population but I'm not back to healthy eating and i'll be heading back to Slimming World on Wednesday for my first weigh in since Christmas. Luckily being ill I didn't eat properly for three days and when I weighed myself at home after Christmas i'd lost 6 pounds (including all those christmas treats) and was the lightest i'd been since starting SW. Admittedly the first week went well until an Indian takeaway was mentioned on the Friday but it was the first food I could taste since being ill. I'm also hoping i'll be well enough to head back to the gym on Monday, so I can start toning up too.


Unfortunately I don't mean buying myself things as that actually needs to slow down this year but more about treating myself to treatments etc. It's my mum's 50th birthday on Valentines day so I have the day off work and were heading to a spa, so I'm excited to have a few treatments there but I want to start treating my skin and body a bit more. One treatment that is on my list to try is the LVL lash lift treatment, i've seen a few bloggers have this and there lashes looks so much longer and fuller. Another that I want to have done but will need to save for is micro blading brows. It would literally be my dream to have brows that didnt need filling in of defining and microblading is definitely the answer so I think I may have to save up and get it done.


One of my blog goals for 2017 is to up my photography game! When I look at everyone else theirs is always amazing and I feel like mine is a little lack lustre. I definitely need to play around more with lighting, photo composition, different props and how I edit them. I also want to invest in a new lens for my camera, I have the Olympus EL-P 7 and just use the standard lens it comes with the but the one everyone seems to have and rave about the 45mm one so I think that may be a purchase later on this year.


Some of you may know I did a makeup course this time last year and did makeup for a few weddings last summer. This year I want to get a bit more into and try and get some weddings booked for the summer. I have one for a friend at the end of August so I have plenty of other weekends I can use my makeup skills. I will also be practising on myself a lot and maybe posting the finished looks on Instagram, if I can work out how to get those flawless photos other MUAs seems to have.

What are some of your goals for 2017?



  1. I want to be healthier this year too! Great goals.

    Abigail Alice x

  2. It's so great that you're saving towards something as big as a house but definitely treat yourself, travelling just makes you feel so happy and completed!
    Kathy x

  3. Great goals for 2017 i really want to travel more and eat healthy too.. that's exciting that you're planning on using your makeup skills this year