Can anyone believe the first month of 2017 has finished? I'm hoping it will be summer before we know it though. January is probably the most depressing month there is but I have treated myself quite a bit this month with some new drugstore products but i'll be featuring all of that in a haul and future favourites posts. So this month i'll be featuring some favourites I picked up last year but hadn't gotten round to trying or some that I have bought this month and instantly fell for. 


Yes I know the Christmas period has gone and its depressing January but there is always a time for a shimmery eye look. For me a shimmer eye really sets the eyes off and makes them pop, whether that be a full on look or just an inner corner or brow bone highlight. In my collection there are a number of single shadows, creams and then all of those great ones included in palettes, so here are some of my favourites...


When it comes to my day-to-day makeup I tend to favour balms over lipstick as I suffer with bad dry lips and wearing lipstick all day does me no favours. However, I do still have a selection that I will reach for everyday for work or just a quiet weekend. I tend to favour pinks and nudes, which you'll see when I get into the shades as they are just so versatile, go with everything and don't seem like too much for a trip to the supermarket.


So here is my final black friday sale haul and probably my favourite order I managed to make. Some of my favourite eyeshadow palettes are the ABH Modern Renaissance and Master Palette by Mario, so I jumped at the chance to order some singles when they had their black Friday sale. ABH had one of the best sales I'd seen with up to 60% of so many of their products, including brow products, glow kits, contour kits and eyeshadows. 


In the beauty world there are so many products that are hyped up and talked about that a lot, and probably one of the main reasons everyones seems to want them or have them already. I will say I am one of those who buys into the hype and I have a collection of products that I have bought and either thought they were amazing or wondered what all the fuss was about. In this post I'll give a run down of some of the most hyped up products in my opinion and whether they are worth it.


I'm really loving Too Faced lately and their products are always so pretty and have such fun names - who doesn't want a mascara called Better Than Sex! In the UK they are stocked at both Debenhams and Selfridges making it so much more accessible now. My favourites I have tried from them so far is definitely the Better than Sex mascara, Born This Way concealer/foundation and as you'll read about shortly the eyeshadow palettes.


If there is one brand I think has makeup brushes nailed it's Zoeva. The German brand has grown from strength to strength in the past few years and i've yet to hear from someone who didn't get on with the brushes. They have a crazy selection of brush sets and singles and have recently gone into makeup with eyeshadow palettes, contour kits, liquid lipsticks and so much more. 


If you follow me on social media you would know I spent the first few days of 2017 struck down with the horrible flu/virus/cough that is going around and i've only just about recovered. during the time I was ill I didn't really do much with my hair or makeup but there was a few products that I used that helped me feel a little more human. 


I guess I'm sad but one of the things I love about Christmas is the sales after (or before as they now tend to start) and I go shopping every year normally on the 27th. This year I even popped to my local town on Boxing Day to check out the sales in store, and to try and hunt down some Lush sales bits but the store was completely empty even when I got there at 11am. I haven't included the clothes I bought in the sales and have instead included the beauty products I picked up, mainly from Space NK as they had such good deals.


There is nothing I love more than a brand new lipstick and it's that little bit more special when it's from higher end brand and I treasure it that little bit more. I tend to treat myself to a lipstick from one of these brands every once in a while and have started to build a mini collection. Since these lipsticks cost £20+ I tend to stick to shades I know i'll wear a lot so you'll see a theme of pinky nudes in this post.


I promised myself I wouldn't be placing any more orders from America for a while as the customs charges were just becoming a nightmare, however, Colourpop had 20% off site wide over Black Friday weekend and I just couldn't resist. CP is one of my favourite US brands as the products are so goo yet so affordable, I just wish they were more readily available in the UK. I placed this order with CP and had it delivered directly to my house instead of a third party mailing service as CP have free international delivery over $50 and I thought at least that would save me some money!

2017 GOALS

Here it is, my first post of 2017! Sorry it's so late but I entered the year with the worst flu of my life and I'm still suffering with it now! I've been dosing up on medicine, sleeping lots and keeping warm and I'm hoping it will be gone soon as I don't think I can take much more. Anyway todays post is going to be all about some of the mini life and blog goals I have set myself for the year and hopefully my start to the year doesn't mean how it will carry on.