Until recently I had only tried brushes from Zoeva but their eyeshadow palettes had really caught my eye. The German cosmetics brand was created by Zoe Boikou who was struggling to find high performing products without the price tag, there is now a huge range of brushes, eyeshadow, lip products and face products. I would definitely recommend the brushes as they are such great quality and so affordable!

When I first decided to pick up one of the palettes, I asked on Twitter on whether the Cocoa Blend or Rose Golden was better and the resounding answer was the Cocoa Blend. Then when the new sister palettes of that were released a few weeks ago I couldn't pass up the new Caramel Melange palette.

Both palettes are priced at £17.50 on the Zoeva website but you end up paying £2.50 postage to the UK, or you can get it from either Cult Beauty, Selfridges or Beauty Bay for £18 but I think they are all out of stock at the moment. Or you can buy both of these and the Blanc Fusion one in a set for £48 so you save a little but of money.

Lets start the with the first an original in the collection the Cocoa Blend. This one is in the theme of chocolate with earthy browns, purples and a couple of shimmer shades. The shades are as the below:
  • Bitter Start - Palest matte nude.
  • Sweeter End - Shimmering duo chrome nougat.
  • Warm Notes - Glittering cranberry purple.
  • Subtle Blend - Metallic deep bronze.
  • Beans Are White - Deep cocoa brown matte.
  • Pure Ganache - Pure and luxurious metallic gold.
  • Substitute For Love - Toffee brown with subtle shimmer.
  • Freshly Toasted - Rich mahogany brown.
  • Infusion - Matte dark brown infused with golden glitter.
  • Delicate Acidity - Berry toned brown shimmer.
My favourites are definitely Subtle Blend for the outer corner, Pure Ganache for an all over lid colour, Sweeter End for an inner corner highlight and Delicate Acidity to add something a little different to the look.

Caramel Melange was recently released about 2 months ago along with the other new palette, Blanc Fusion. This one has much warmer and richer tones and is all about the caramel shades. The shades are as below:
  • Wax Paper - Matte cream.
  • Universal Delight - Soft matte taupe.
  • Aftertaste - Warm matte raspberry.
  • 182c - Pearl finish sandy brown.
  • Liquid Centre - Metallic bronze.
  • Alchemy - Matte purple toned mauve.
  • Start Soft - Matte burnt terracotta.
  • Finish Sensual - Matte espresso brown.
  • Almost Burnt - Metallic mustard.
  • Edible Gem - Pearl finish dark chocolate. 
My favourites from this palette is Universal Delight as an all over lid shade, Finish Sensual for the outer corner and a mix between Liquid Centre and Almost Burnt for shimmery shades.

In terms of formula I have found these to be similar to the Morphe ones in that the shimmery shades are very buttery and pigmented, whilst the matte shades are a little more powdery, however, still very pigmented. I love how all the shades in each palette work well together and compliment each other but are all so different as well.

Have any of you picked up either of these palettes?



  1. I love the Cocoa Blend palette, I just don't use it enough. Definitely want to check out the 2 new ones ❤️

    Rhi x

  2. Both palettes look stunning and really pigmented...some of the shades remind me of some Mac shadows, I'd have to buy both palettes it I was going to purchase either of them.

    Alicia x
    Aesthetic Obsessed

  3. I love the caramel melange palette, I feel like the colours really add some warmth to the face, but both palettes are incredibly gorgeous, I'm becoming a big fan of Zoeva


  4. I've had my eye on Zoeva palettes for so long, as they look and sound stunning! Lovely post! x


  5. I have purcahsed the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette on the Black Friday sales. I haven't yet played around with it but I'm quite excited to as it's beautiful. In the future I plan on getting the Nude Spectrum eye shadow palette!

    Sarah's Abode -xx

  6. I haven't tried any of the Zoeva Eyeshadow palettes, unfortunately :(
    But the two that you own are the ones I'm currently debating which one to get, haha :)
    I think I tend to the Caramel Melange! Xx