So here it is! One of those posts people love to hate! I personally love reading what other people got for Christmas, one because I'm nosey but also it shows how appreciative people are of the gifts they have received. This year, and every other year, I am incredible lucky and get spoiled by my parents and boyfriend. A few other bits I got also didn't fit into the post but I am still very much grateful and love them.

Soap & Glory

It's kind of a tradition now that my mum gets me some S&G products every year, I usually go for the £30 set they bring out on offer every year but I wasn't going to get it this year as I often don't use the products. However, this year it really caught my eye and I knew I would use it all so I ended up with that and a few other favourites. Other bits I got were the Whipped Clean Shower Butter, Smoothie Star Body Milk and Daily Smooth Body Butter as they are some of my favourite scents.


Another tradition is that I get some Lush christmas products and favourites of mine. This yeah I got the infamous Snow Fairy (I did order some more on the boxing day sale!), some of the christmas bath bombs, Snow Fairy body conditioner and Mask of Magnaminty. The latter was one I had been after trying for a while, I actually tried it for the first time today and my skin now feels so soft and clear!

Paco Rabanne Olypea Gift Set

This is my all time favourite scent and my bottle is almost finished now so thankfully my mum ordered me the gift set. It contains the 50ml scent and a body moisturiser so I can ensure I'm smelling amazing all the time. I have to say the packaging is also really cute and can be displayed perfect in my dressing room area.

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set Volume II

I got the first volume of this last year so I was happy to see this set under the tree. Zoeva brushes are some of my favourites as they use so well and do such a good job but also clean up like new. This set has all pink handles with the rose gold metal and come in a metallic pink pink pouch, which is perfect for travelling.

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne

This has been on my wishlist for ages, my mum actually had a mini of it ages ago and I use it all. Luckily I now have the 80ml bottle so I can smell of this for ages. This scent is a really floral fresh one so I think it will be perfect for the upcoming spring season.


These are shockingly some of the only makeup products I got this year, my mum hates buying it for me incase its wrong or I already have it, however, she got it really right this year with an amazing Tom Ford lipstick. She picked up a full size version in Blush Nude, a real me colour and I'm now to scared to use it as its so pretty. My BF's sister also got me a MAC lipstick from their Nutcracker collection in a lovely pink shade.

Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations Creme Brûlée Bath Set 

This is honestly the most amazing sweet scent and I'm so happy I can now lather is all over my body. In the set you get a body cream and bath honey with a cute wooden honey stick to swirl it into your bath. This one seems to be a christmas special so I'm glad I got the set.

Beau Belle Brushes Rose Gold Makeup Brush Pod

So I definitely didn't need two brush sets, especially rose gold ones but one was from my parents and one from my BF. We picked this one up at the Clothes show as it was on offer and I had heard about these brushes being good. The set is a mix between face and eye brushes and come in a pod that can be use to display them or for travelling.


I'm not the biggest book reader and normally only read on holiday on my Kindle but there were a couple of more lifestyle books I was after. The Lauren Conrad beauty one was on my list as I lover her style one I got a few years ago. I wanted Khloe Kardashians book as I just think its amazing how much she has changed her lifestyle and how hot she looks, definitely my goal for next year. The final one if the #GirlBoss one by Sophia Amaruso, the founder of Nasty Gal and total babe! 

Adidas Stan Smiths

I had been umming and ahhing about getting these Adidas Stan Smiths for a while and in the end never picked them up for myself but my BF got them for me as a surprise. These are grey suede with rose gold accents and so aesthetically pleasing.

Longchamp Le Pilage Neo Shopper 

Each year my dad buys me something on his own, normally because he has no involvement in what my mum gets my from them both. This year he did do it under the careful eye of my mum and picked me up a new Longchamp shopper I had been mentioning to my mum I liked. I already have this style in Navy with brown straps but I was keen on an all black version to go with everything. I love these bags as they are so spacious and handy to carry round and weigh very little themselves so you can fill it up as much as you'd like.

Hollywood Mirror

This was my main present from my parents but we didn't actually order it until Christmas day as the one I originally wanted was out of stock and then the other I liked went into the sale so we ordered it. This is arriving tomorrow and I'm so excited to get my dressing table set up with it and to do my makeup in amazing lighting.

I did get lots of other bits including, Lee Stafford hair products, Fake Bake tan, chocolates, Kiehls Skincare but I just couldn't fit it all into once picture!! I hope you all enjoyed this post and don't think its too much like showing off, I'm just really grateful for everything I got and its sort of an appreciation post to everyone who got me something!



  1. WOW I'm absolutely in love with that Zoeva brush set.. it looks absolutely stunning and I hear the brushes are incredible quality! Looks like you received some lovely Christmas gifts! Happy New Year xx

    Ciara Rose | www.ciara-rose.com | Bloglovin’

  2. Wow, you got some amazing gifts! I can't wait to get stuck into the Soap and Glory products I received! xx


  3. Such amazing gifts! Lush just screams Christmas for me! Also I have the Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set Volume II and it's amazing, I just love Zoeva brushes! xx


  4. So many amazing gifts, I agree that it's quite nice to share what Christmas gifts you get and rather than bragging it shows how gratitude! The Jo Malone fragrance looks stunning, such a fab gift! Wood Sage and Sea Salt is next on my list :)

    Jodie / jodiemelissa.com

  5. Lush and Soap & glory are two of my favourite brands :) I'm in love with Snow Fairy - I made sure to get a few bottles this year to last me ...

    Shout John

  6. You got some beautiful gifts! I love those trainers xo

  7. Wow some amazing gifts!! The Zoeva brushes look stunning!!

    Grace x