I feel like this post has been a long time coming but I have finally managed to comprise most of my highlighters into one post and just to let you know this will be a length one. However, there are actually some I either didn't include or completely forgot about in my collection and they would have deserved a mention in this post. I am pretty much a self confessed highlighter addict, if it shimmers and will accentuate my cheek bones I need it! They are just all so pretty and do wonders for you skin that I can't help but buy them! Anyway lets get to good stuff.

This was my first glow kit from ABH and I fell in love with it straight away. Gleam is a collection of pinks and silvers, which will probably work best for lighter skin tones. The ABH highlighters are soft and smooth to apply illuminating anywhere they touch and can either be worn separately or layered together. 

I think this was one of the first highlighters in my collection and it is a cult classic in the beauty world. Mary Lou is a pale honey shade to give you that dewy glow rather than anything too shimmery. The formula is very buttery its almost like a cream and can either be applied with a brush or you finger, either give a flawless finish.

Charming pink is the first LG illuminator in the post so you may be able to tell I like them. Charming pink is a soft pink shade with an almost iridescent shimmer to it. Its a creamy powder formula that isn't too overpowering on your skin but you can still see the shimmer. Overall I love the highlighter but the packaging definitely needs updating in my opinion, it is very low quality and doesn't sell the product!

BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette | £48.00

I've included this palette in the post as it has both the Champagne and Prosecco Pop highlighters in by Jaclyn Hill. Champagne Pop was the first release and I have it both on its own and it this palette, its a golden peach shade. Prosecco Pop was released in the palette and in the blush duos you can get, that is a more golden bronze shade. Like Mary Lou these are finely milled so are very much like butter.

I recently bought this after Beauty Bay added them to their website and they looked good and an amazing shade selection. These come in 12 shades I have 120 Watt, which is a pearlescent silver toned highlight and it's really not like anything else I own. These are a very similar formula to the Colourpop highlighters in that they are almost creamy in the pan but apply like a powder.

Soft & Gentle is a cult product in the beauty world and so many people seem to love it and I'm one of them. Soft and Gentle is a peachy bronze baked powder, that can either be dusted lightly all over the face or used more intensely as a highlighter. Since it is baked this is quite powdery and has a little bit of fall out.

This is one of the only cream based highlighters in this palette as they aren't my favourites but this one is just too good. Glow Pot is a creamy highlighter in a pale gold shade that gives your skin a dewy glow. This can also be lightly applied as a shimmering base underneath your foundation.

This little palette is such good value for money, you get 4 decent sized highlighters in either a powder or cream formula. This shades in this palette include a silver, peach, purple and creamy bronze. The powder ones are pigmented and blend well into the skin with a slight shimmer to it. The cream based one gives your skin a dewy glow.

These are a new release by MAC and as soon as I saw these iridescent powders one have to be mine. Double Gleam is a beige that breaks into silver in different lights. Like other MAC highlights this is pigmented and powdery soft that gives the skin luminosity.

Whisper of guilt was one of my biggest regrets when I didn't pick it up last year but I was so glad to see it back this year in this adorable palette. Its a pale shimmery gold that has small specks of glitter running through but its not over powering. I have found this to be more buttery and soft than other MAC highlighters.

Say hello to the UK's version of the Colourpop highlighters, its just a shame there are more shades. This is part of L'Oreals gold collection and its a golden bronze shade. This formula is cream to powder and I find its best to applied with my fingers and blended in that way. These are so similar to the CP ones that I wouldn't be shocked if they were made in the same place.

So here is the second addition in this post from Laura Geller, I actually got this one before charming pink and its one of those blogger made me do it buys after reading so many people rave about it. Gilded Honey is a true honey gold shade with specks of glitter to it. I wont go too much into the formula as I mentioned that earlier.

Rosie for Autograph Rose Bud Highlighter Powder | £18.00

This is the only loose highlighter in this post as I don't find them to be as pigmented as pressed powders. This one is a very pale pink with a subtle shimmer and more for all over the face or a very slight shimmer to your cheek bones. The powder is very finely milled and can get messy when trying to apply.

Colourpop Spoon Highlighter | $8.00

Of course I had to include a CP highlighter as they are just such an unusual but good formula. They are a cream to powder formula that gives your skin a dewy glow and is best applied using your fingers. Spoon is a silver champagne shade with very fine silver flecks to it.

Ofra Rodeo Drive Highlighter | $35.00

Another relatively new addition to my collection that I have been using a lot recently. I saw this all over Instagram and it was the sort of shade I love so I just had to order it and the good thing about Ofra is that there are lots of discount codes out there so I got 30% off in the end. Rodeo Drive is a pale yellow gold highlight and gives you that sun kissed glow look.  It's a finely milled powder that has intense pigmentation and has a cute sunburst design to it.

This is definitely my favourite Glow Kit out of the two I own and it just has such a fun selection of shades all aptly named after american sweets. Marshmallow (pearl) and Butterscotch (Gold) are my most used out of the four but the others are perfect when I want something a little different. Like I said earlier these highlighters are soft and smooth to apply and the pigmentation is amazing!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit | £65.00

This was last year's holiday palette by Hourglass so is out of stock now but they do have a new one for this year. I was unsure about included this are they are more powders I guess but they do have a shimmer so here they are. The three powders in this palette all have a slight pearl tone to them but they are still for applying all over the face to give that fresh faced glow. Diffused Light is my favourite, its yellow toned and help minimise the redness of the skin but also illuminating it at the same time.

What are some of your highlighter picks?



  1. I love the sassy grape shade as a mix between highlight and blush. Your highlighter collection is SO impressive!

    Abigail Alice 💕

  2. I am obsessed with the top shop one!! I never knew they were so good, defs need to get me some now!
    Kathy x

  3. oh my gosh this collection is bomb! Looks amazing <3
    XO Janina

  4. You have such a big collection! It's literally highlight heaven! Thanks for sharing :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

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