Since it is the Christmas season and acceptable to go all out with your makeup and lashes, I thought it was fitting to mention one of my new favourite websites - falseeyelashes.co.uk! They are a website dedicated to false eyelashes with every brand you could want or need and over 1000 different styles available. I was lucky enough to be send a few pairs to try from them and I then ordered some more in their Black Friday sale.


This was one of my favourite styles a few years back and it was all I would wear until I tried out others and kind of forgot about them, so I decided to get another pair. This style is one of the most natural and just adds a little length and volume. I like to wear these in the day just to enhance my natural lashes.

I picked these ones up as they looked different and something like I had never tried before. They have a separated style so don't add too much volume but have really great length. They are comfortable to wear and ideal if you have never tried false lashes before.


I had never heard of Peaches & Cream before seeing them on the website and the lashes all looked great and really affordable. This style is one of the more demure and subtle pairs they do. This style is all about the volume with the length tapering out towards the outside. 

This style is really similar to the Red Cherry wispy ones but I like the style so had to pick up another pair and see what they were like. Like all wispys these are a natural flared style that can really emphasise your natural lashes.


I've been wanting to try some HOL lashes for ages but I always thought they were only available from American until I spotted them on this website. These lashes are more on the pricey side so I just went for one style and the cheapest at that! Heartbreaker are again a wispy style (do you sense a theme?) but these are slightly fuller so more for a night time look. I have found these lashes to be great but you can definitely get cheaper alternatives.


This was another brand I hadn't heard of until I spotted them on the website. The lashes were some of the cheapest on there so I decided to try out a pair. I have to say it was unintentional that I bought another wispy style, I guess I'm just drawn to them. 

Have any of you checked out falseeyelashes.co.uk?!



  1. I really want to start getting in to wearing false lashes and this seems like such a great site to get them from! There's so much variety! x


  2. I've never tried Peaches and Cream lashes before, Red Cherry Wipsie are my fav lashes of all time!

    Abigail Alice x

  3. These lashes are so cute! I'm so bad at stocking up my lashes but after Christmas I'm going to go on a spree so badly. These ones look so good and affordable! x


  4. I recently purchased some of the red cherry lashes, and I love them, they look so pretty!!

    Grace x

  5. Love the lashes you picked out! They all look so pretty! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  6. I love whispy lashes, they always look so much more natural. Red Cherry are my favourite brand at the moment, they're such great quality for the price. x

    Megan | http://www.meganjean.co.uk