So I've compiled another gift guide for you all but this time it includes no beauty whatsoever. I'm a massive beauty lover but I know not everyone is obsessed with it as I am and also it can be nice to open something on Christmas day that wont just get thrown in our massive collection of products. This is a collection or adorable gifts I think any girl would love and I have also unintentionally had a bit of a gold theme going on with some of them.

I actually wanted this bag a few years ago when it was first released at Topshop and now they seem to bring out similar variations every winter. Its just a plain black suede back with silver studs all over it and I have actually seen it in the shop and it seems like really great quality and real leather. This would be a great bag for a night out or for day to day use if you don't carry round half your room like me. If you plan on getting this for someone I would look soon as its less that £20 at the moment.

This collaboration with the famous Youtuber Desi is always selling out fast and Quay have restocked just in time for Christmas. I would say these are great more affordable alternative to the mirrored Ray Bans and I have seen so many famous faces wearing these. Made by the cool Australian sunglasses brand Quay, these can be shipped in the UK. I love the look of these gold ones and I don't think I have a pair anything like them.

These cute light boxes have been everywhere recently and they would look so adorable in someones room with their name or a cute quote on. I personally really want one and if I don't get one from santa I think I may have to just get it myself. This one here is so cheap at under £15 and would make a cute (but very large) stocking filler or even a secret santa gift.

I probably should have included this in my wishlist post earlier this month as I really would like this as a gift (hint hint mum/BF). This is such an cute bangle with a simple knot and has that nautical theme down. It's gold plated so you also know it wont go turning your wrist green and luckily doesn't have the price tag of a solid gold bangle. This would look so adorable on your wrist with your watch and a couple of other bangles.

I spotted this brand of PJs on ASOS but M&M Direct seemed to have such a better selection and they were cheaper. This macaroon set caught my eye as they are so cute and girly (and very instagrammable). During the winter there is nothing better than having a hot bath and putting your warmest, comfiest pjs on and these would fit that bill perfectly.

I got the iPhone 7 earlier this year and it's been such a struggle to find nice cases that fit. Skinny Dip seem to be one of the first brands to bring a big range out and there are actually quite a few I would like. This crown one has caught my eye as I love the gold it has and the sassy quotes written on it. Another good thing about these cases is that they are quite sturdy and come with a screen protector.

I love anything with my initial on and its even better if its cute. This is carrying on with the gold theme and even if you don't like hot drinks this would be cute on your dressing table with lip pencils or eye pencils in. I'd love to get snug on the sofa with a hot chocolate in this mug.

Personally I have never tried these candles but everyone seems to rave about them and they are a blogger favourite. These are a little on the pricey side so would most likely be a gift for a close person to spend that amount of money. I picked out the scent Freesia for the fresh floral scent it would have and would carry you perfectly into spring. These candles are also great as I've seen a lot people use the gear jar for makeup once the candle is finished.

Will you be picking up any of the gifts for anyone?



  1. These were some great ideas and it was nice to see some nice non beauty items, I love that phone case! x


  2. Some really great picks!! I love the clutch!!

    Grace x

  3. These are all great ideas! I love the look of the bangle - so cute!

    xo, Liz

  4. All of these are so cute, especially the pjs! Something else I really like receiving as well as giving is little coin purses/pouches!
    Kathy x