Today's post is another gift guide and I have dedicated this one to one of my favourite shops during the festive season... Lush!! I think everyone gets obsessed with Lush around Christmas for the new releases and the return of the best shower gel ever - Snow Fairy! This is definitely a gift guide/wishlist as I sure would love to see a lot of these products under the christmas tree this year.

Of course this is first and top of the list as it is the most dreamiest, sweetest scent and I personally wish I could smell like it every day. I got a small bottle as soon as it came out but thats long gone so I'm hoping for a new bottle under the tree. Snow Fairy is like lathering yourself in bubblegum and marshmallows all at the same time but still ending up clean.

I have seen this used in the shop before and it creates the prettiest colours when thrown in the bath, almost like a rainbow explosion. This one has scents of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine so nice and floral and girly.

This is a product I have seen a lot people go on about so it was on my list this year. I love the play on words they have with the name and hints at the minty scent it will have. This mask is multipurpose and will leave your skin glowing. It contains honey for moisture, peppermint oil to cool and invigorate, Kaolin to cleanse and evening primrose seeds to exfoliate.

This is slightly more pricey compared to most items from Lush but nothing more that a luxe product you would normally buy. This facial moisturiser contains moringa, which is a miracle plant that keeps your skin youthful and moisturised.

This is the dreamy Snow Fairy but in a more moisturising form. This body conditioner is to be lathered all over your skin in the shower or bath and then washed away to leave hydrated and soft skin. It contains cocoa butter, mango and avocado, all know for their moisturising properties.

When I was browsing the Lush website a few weeks ago this caught my eye and something I never knew Lush did. This is a sort of whipped up formula that is to be lathered all over your legs for an easy shaving experience. It contains strawberries, coconut oil and golden syrup to help ease the pain of shaving and keep your skin hydrated.

This caught my eye purely for the comical santa face it has and how christmassy it is. This bath bomb explodes into red and green and will be the most festive bath you have. This is billed like smelling freshly spun candy floss so I'm hoping it is like Snow Fairy in bath bomb form.

Another comical christmas product and this time its an adorable penguin bubble bar. I have never actually used a Lush bubble bar but this one sounds perfect for a cold winters evening, it promises to leave you feeling toasty.

I'm such a big fan of the Lush lip scrubs and use mine all the time, I suffer with such dry and chapped lips and this is one of the only things that helps that. This one is a vibrant purple shade and has the sweet scent of blackcurrant and orange oil.

Another bubble bar and this one has a warm cinnamon scent and a magical gold glitter colour. This one comes on a stick so you can wave under the tap or in your bath and then save the rest for another day.

I had never really looked into Lush's hair products before but this one caught my eye purely for its nourishing and hydrating properties for dry and damaged hair. This comes on a stick and you stir it into hot water to create a sticky and creamy substance that you lather all over your hair.

This is a lotion that once lathered all over your body is sure to leave you sleepy and on a bed of clouds. It contains calming lavender and gentle oatmeal to help you relax and also cocoa butter to keep your body supple and hydrated.

This one caught mu eye purely for the sweet honey scent it will have. Honey has antiseptic properties which will help sooth the skin and also honey will keep it moisturised. It also contains sweet orange oils to add more sweetness to the scent.

Will you be picking up any of this goodies for yourself or someone else this Christmas?


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