Black Friday was a few weeks ago now and finally all the stuff I ordered has finally arrived (a Colourpop order actually arrived the day I wrote this but I will do a whole post on its own for that). I went a little crazy this Black Friday and thankfully my pay day fell on the Thursday before. Luckily I managed to order most of my christmas presents at the same time as well as quite a few little orders for myself, all online as well so I didn't have the hassle of braving the shops either. Here are most of the beauty products I picked up.

I have been wanting to try some of these skincare products for a while after hearing that Kourtney Kardashian was a ambassador for them and swore by the products. I first spotted they were in the sale on Feel Unique but when I went to their website direct the products were even cheaper!

As you can see from the price the deals were so good and better than half price. This is one of the products Courtney recommends. This is a serum that contains gold dust to help the skin appear more radiant, smooth and toned. It is also clinically proven to help skin feel firmer and facial contours more defined. This is a thick formula but applied easily and sinks into the skin without making it feel greasy.

This is a natural lip plumper containing bee venom and manuka honey which helps encourage natural collagen for plumper and fuller lips. Once applied you can definitely feel this working and you lips start to tingle straight away.

This one was a must for me considering how cheap it was on black friday and I thought it must be good if it can be nearly £30 not on sale. This is a creamy formula that you apply to your skin and leave for 10-15 minutes and then wipe off the excess. Luckily I don't have wrinkles to notice a massive difference but my skin does feel firmer and more taut.

Another great deal on this facial oil and lately I'm really getting into facial oils. This one helps  the skin regain its suppleness and elasticity by protecting the moisture levels. The formula is quite thick but a little goes a long way and you only need a few drops, although I'm really not a fan of the smell of it.

BB had between 15% and 30% off certain brands for black friday so I took the opportunity and ordered a few products i've been wanting for a while.

I picked this one up after hearing Leanne from LPage Beauty talk about how much she liked it. This is a face mask that is a powder formula and you apply using a damp cotton pad and let the powder sit for 10-15 minutes, and it then can be removed with a toner. This help target black heads and unclog those pores that you are struggling with. I haven't actually have the chance to use it yet but I will be soon to get rid of these clogged pores I have.

These caught my eye as soon as they were released so obviously when they had 30% off I had to order one. These have a very similar formula to the Colourpop ones in that they have a creamy formula but apply like a powder, these aren't quite as creamy as the CP ones and can be applied with a brush whereas I find the CP ones better with your fingers. I went for 110 watt, which is a champagne silver shade.

This is one of those blogger induced buys as i've seen so many people rave about this mask especially for dry and dehydrated skin. This mask is great for breakouts as it has antibacterial manuka honey that also draws moisture to the skin for intense hydration.This is another mask that you apply a thick layer of then leave for a while and wipe away the excess. I have found with this my skin is left feeling so hydrated and there is very little need for a moisturiser.

Another blogger induced buy as again i'd seen a lot of people go on about this. This gel based cleanser promises to remove every trace of makeup and daily dirt from the skin whilst still nourishing. I tend to use this after removing the heaviness of my makeup with a wipe and it definitely clears away all of the residual makeup.

There was a mega sale over at ABH with lots of different discounts on so many products. I decided to solely go for the eyeshadows since they have 60% off!

By the time I finally got onto the sight a lot of the shades I wanted were out of stock but I still managed to order 11 I knew I would definitely use. I wont go too much into every shade as I'm planning a full post on them, but the selection I got were either in a matte or shimmer finish and range from pale pinks and nudes to dark browns. I love the formula of these a they are so velvety and pigmented and a tiny amount really makes an impact.

I was originally going to order this from Pai direct but on Look Fantastic I got free shipping so went for there instead. Again I have seen this facial oil on a lot of blogs and its probably Pai's most known about product. This helps the skin regenerate elasticity and help it appear brighter and revived. It has a warm earthy aroma and a slight orange tint to it which I'm sure does tint your face.

Did you pick up any good deals on Black Friday?



  1. The Pai oil sounds like something I need to invest in!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  2. I bought ABH shadows too & MD Silver Powder too! Everybody raves about that Pai oil - I need to try it! xx

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