So i've made it today 5 Blogmas and I have to say it is a lot work, writing a post for everyday around a full time job is a lot but I am loving it. I haven't kept my posts strictly festive as I think I and you would get bored. Today's post is a battle between two of my favourites eyeshadow palettes and both are from the queen of makeup ABH. I feel like this year ABH has become the most incredible brand there have been so many new launches, and both of these are some of them.

Before these were released I wasnt really aware ABH did eyeshadows or how good they were (I ordered quite a few single ones on the Black Friday sales so expect a blog post on them) before these palettes. The Modern Renaissance was released at the beginning of the summer and after hearing countless people rave about it I had to get it. The Master Palette by Mario was launched around September time and sold out within hours, luckily I managed to get my hands on one. So lets get onto the comparison...

This was their summer release and is a selection of warm toned browns, pinks, reds and some neutral tones. I actually thought this was more fitting to autumn with shades like the fallen leaves. The palette contains 14 shades and my favourites are Antique Bronze (metallic reddish brown), Raw Sienna (neutral amber) and Primavera (shimmering gold). This palette is perfect for creating both a subtle look and something a little more out there with the vibrant pinks and reds. The palette itself is housed in a sold cardboard case with a pastel pink velvet finish, something that adds a little luxury to the palette.

This was released in autumn and is a collaboration with Mario Dedivanovic, Kim K's infamous makeup artist and king of the contour. It is a selection of jewel tones in both a matte and shimmer finish. This palette is more muted than the other but it still have the addition of a shimmering blue and green. This palette has 12 shades and my favourites are Kim (satin tan shade), Marina (metallic champagne) and Violeta (matte dark chocolate). The packaging of this is simple black with gold embossed, again very luxurious.


  • Modern Renaissance is $42 for 14 shades
  • Master Palette by Mario is $45 for 12 shades
  • Modern Renaissance is a permanent product and available in both the UK and US
  • Master Palette was only available in the US and limited edition and now sold out
  • Both have a luxurious finish and come with a double ended brush
  • Both obviously have the same formula, that is buttery soft with very little fallout and incredible pigmentation
Shade selection
  • With the Modern Renaissance you get more shades for you money and there isn't really a shadeI wont use
  • The Master Palette has less shades but again there isn't many I wouldn't use 
  • Personally both palettes has such a different shade selection that I can't say I prefer one to the other.

Do you have a favourite between these two?



  1. The Modern Renaissance palette is just beyond gorgeous the eyeshadows looks extremely pigmented.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. They are both super beautiful but I prefer the modern renaissance palette, I feel like I'd use it much more


  3. I have the Modern Renaissance palette only, so it was really interesting to see it compared! I love it so much :) lovely, informative post! Xxx


  4. Two gorgeous palettes! I think Mario just edges it for me, more colours I would use but the quality of the shadows looks amazing!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  5. The Modern Renaissance palette is the one I would choose out of these two. Its more of a fun palette than the Mario one.


  6. I think both palettes are extremely gorgeous and would love to have both! Great comparisons! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  7. I love both of these palettes too - if I had to choose, the Mario one has the slight edge but I'd hate to be without either! xx


  8. I always thought if given the choice between these two I'd go for the Mario palette, but now you've compared them side by side I'd have to go with the Modern Renaissance one because the shades look so versatile and the mattes just do it for me! Brilliant post, girl!

    Em | beautyandbullshitt x