So October was supposed to be a spending ban, however, this little beauty ended up with me breaking it. If you're in the UK you'll know the struggle of getting your hands on Tarte products, this is where QVC came to the rescue. I think it's quite recent that they have started stocking Tarte but it is great for me as i've been wanting to get my hands on some of there products for a while. This post also includes one of their eyeshadow palettes I picked earlier this year but I thought it would be good to combine it all into one post.

Tarte Radiance from the Rainforest 6 Piece Cosmetics Collection | £70.00

I have to thank Kasie from Kasie Beauty for informing me about this beauty being on QVC and it was on sale for around £37!! I couldn't believe it when I saw her mention it on Twitter as it was such a good deal and you got so many products, so I headed straight over to QVC and ordered it (bye bye spending ban). So now on to the products...

Foundation & Double Ended Brush
This was the main reason for ordering this set as I've been wanting to try the foundation for a while, and the price of the set was only just a bit more expensive than the foundation and brush on its own. The foundation is water based for a lightweight feel but still with full coverage and that is just what I love!! The foundation is hydrating and adds luminosity to the skin but doesn't leave it feeling sticky. The bottle comes with a pipette design, something i'd not had in a foundation before, however, it doesn't seem to get enough product with one squeeze so I have to do it a few times. The brush itself is also great for buffing the foundation into your skin and leave a flawless finish, I use the angled side to blend out cream contour into the hollows of my cheeks. My issue is storing it though, you can't put it in a stand without damaging one end of the brush - help!!

Amazonian Blush & Eyeshadow Palette
Another great addition to the collection as you'd probably pay around £30 for this alone. After using the eyeshadow palette i'll mention later on I knew i'd love the shadows in this palette. The shade selection is mostly cool toned, in either a matte or shimmer finish. This palette will be so handy to take out and about for the day if you even need a makeup touch up. The blush is a lovely mauve pink shade perfect to add a slight flush to the cheeks and nothing to harsh.

Coconut Oil Lipstick
I was so happy to see this shade in the lipstick as I find sometimes lipsticks in sets are not something i'd wear. The Rosy Mauve name of the shade is a pretty much a perfect description of it and one I can see myself wearing a lot this winter. The lipstick also contains coconut oil, something i'd not seen in a lipstick before but it helps it glide on smoothly and keeps the lips moisturised at the same time.

Double Ended Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara and Primer
Another product I'm using so much from this collection. I've never used a primer on my lashes before mascara before but this one seems to make my lashes so much longer and fuller. The primer applies so easily and you can instantly see length and volume in the first coat. Adding the mascara on top adds the definition and intensity to the lashes. As well as the mascara there was also a eyeliner, however, I gave this to my mum as I very rarely wear eyeliner so thats why it isn't in this photo. 

Tartelette in Bloom Palette | £33.00

This was the palette I picked up a few weeks before from QVC as well, I got it for around £30 on QVC with a great little double ended brush as well. I had wanted the Amazonian clay palette for a while but spotted this one and offer and went for it and I'm glad. This was has a mixed of matte and shimmer shades, with a shade selection including creams, peaches champagnes and darker brown shades. I have found the formula of these really impressive and blend into each other well to create smouldering looks. I think my favourite shades have to be Firecracker, Jetsetter, and Rebel.

Have you tried any of these Tarte products? What are your favourites from Tarte?



  1. My favorite Tarte product has to be their h20 hydration gel, which does wonders for dry skin. I also really love Tarte's BB cream and often use it in the place of foundation!

    xx Heather

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  3. These definitely look like they were worth breaking the spending ban for! Love the shades in the Tartelette In Bloom palette!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  4. I was supposed to be on a no buy in October but it quickly turned into a low buy XD So glad you were able to get your hands on some Tarte things through QVC! Tartelette in bloom is such a gorgeous palette, the swatches look great :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  5. The blush and eyeshadow palette is absolutely stunning! I have been looking for a blush in that shade for a while now. Is it available as a single as well? x


  6. I love the Tartelette in Bloom palette! What a great deal, definitely worth the splurge x


  7. That tarte eye shadow palette looks GORGEOUS