Oh how I wished I lived in the US just for the makeup. What annoys me the most thought is that some of the brands we can get in the UK but they bring out different versions and they never seem to be as good. A few months ago I saw Kasie from Kasie Beauty order some makeup from Target and I had never thought of looking on there before. Target do actually ship to the UK but the shipping was ridiculous and almost $70 for an order that was $50, so I decided to go through a mailing service.

I already had the Fit Me Matte & Poreless version in the UK and i'm a big fan of it so thought i'd give this one a go. This version isn't actually available in the UK as far as I'm aware and for $4.99 its actually quite cheap. This one is designed to revive dull skin and is suitable for dry skin. This one is perfect for me this time of year as my skin become dry so I don't tend to use a matte foundation this time of year. I went for the shade Buff Beige and it's a pretty good match for me, but it can always be risky ordering foundation online if you haven't tried a shade before.

This is one of those that is available in the UK but everyone has raved about how much better the US version is so I just had to order it. This foundation has a matte finish, but is lightweight on your skin and long wearing. One thing I did find with the UK version is that it was a little drying but I'm hoping this one isn't as drying.

Kasie raved about this product in her target haul so this was one of the first items I put in my basket. This isn't one that is available in the UK but I'm imagining it may be soon - fingers crossed! This foundation is described as medium coverage but still lightweight and creamy with a glowing finish. I haven't gotten round to trying this one but I have a foundation post planned soon so my thoughts will be in there.

I have seen this concealer around in the UK but have yet to try so can't comment on whether they are the same or different. I don't think I got this any cheaper ordering from the US but as I was placing an order any I got it. So far I'm really impressed with this, its a medium coverage and blends well into the rest of you makeup but isn't heavy or goes cakey.  It comes with the typical doe foot applicator, which is actually quite small but you can get it right under your eyes.

I spotted this on the Maybelline Instagram a few months ago and new instantly I had to try it, I already love the original Falsies mascara so though this would be better. It is also not available in the UK so I had to get it. When I first opened this tube I was a little disappointed as the brush looked tiny and that it really wouldn't do anything for my lashes, the brush silicon style with a wing on one side and is quite tiny. However, as soon as I applied the first coat is clung to my lashes and gave them amazing length. I've been using this as my base mascara for length and then will add a thickening mascara for volume.

This is a brand i've seen a few times on US blogs and it has always intrigued me so I had a browse on the Target website, from what I can gather this is the only place its available. Honestly there was quite a lot I could have bought from this brand and the brush sets looks so adorable but I just went for this to start with. It's probably one of the prettiest compacts I own and I love the highlighter and bronzer duo. The bronzer is a shimmery warm bronze and the highlighter is a luminous soft pink.

Have any of you tried these products?



  1. I had no idea that you could order from Target to the UK! That's amazing!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  2. Lovely haul! The Maybelline concealer is my holy grail! I really hope you like it! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  3. You got so many things I'm thinking about getting!! Super jealous but love your pic! xx

  4. Nice picks, the bronzer ad highlight duo is really pretty

  5. That sonia kashuj contour/highlight duo looks gorgeous!

  6. I thought that the US smooth and dewy was the same of the UKs original fit me foundation haha. I really want to try the L'oreal pro glow foundation. And SK highlighter is so pretty! I may have to make an order xx

    LPage Beauty

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  8. That Sonia Kashuk duo is absolutely STUNNING! I think i'm in love! I hate it when the UK brings out products with different formulations too, I've heard this happen with the L'Oreal and Maybelline foundations which is so annoying! xx

  9. I quite like the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer for spots, it has a medium coverage and it didn't dry up either. I hope you get on well too x

  10. I never realised you could order from Target and they ship to the UK. Which mailing company did you use?