When ever the seasons change my skin tends to suffer and its especially bad now that its getting colder. This gives me a big excuse to pick up some new skincare and thats what I have been doing recently. This selection is a mix of products I have spotted out and about and thought they sounded good and others I have been lusting over and wanting to try for a while. 

I'm wishing i'd picked this up in the summertime as thats when my skin can get quite oily and at the moment its more dehydrated. This toner contains seaweed and cucumber extract to clarify the skin of impurities and sooth it at the same time. I have been using this after cleansing just for added extra revitalisation to my skin and to just ensure all makeup and dirt is removed from the day. 

I have tried both the oil and butter cleanser from this range so this product was the next step. I usually remove my makeup initially with a wipe (bad beauty blogger I know), but it just seems to get all the heaviness out of my makeup before going in with a deeper cleanse. The camomile range really soothes the skin and is perfect if your skin is sensitive. I'll use this after removing the bulk with a wipe and it really ensures all my mascara is gone, there is nothing worse than going to sleep with mascara still on.

I picked this up for the main reason that it had the famous Moringa Cleansing Balm in it and I wanted to try before committing to £38 for the full size version! The set includes travel size versions of the cleansing balm (its actually a decent size) and the amazing face age support cream with a micro fibre cloth for using with the cleansing balm. So far i've used the balm a couple of times and i'm already obsessing over it. I will warm the balm in between my fingers and then apply to my face, the balm then picks up all dirt and pollution from the skin and it will shock you just how much still comes away. I actually haven't used the moisturiser yet so can't comment on that.

This is one of those blogger induced buys as i've seen so people use it and rave about it. It's a cream based cleanser that contains clay to deeply cleanse the skin and rid the skin of breakouts and blemishes. Although, it contains clay it doesn't seem to dry my skin out but will remove any dead skin cells. I don't tend to have many breakouts but this will definitely be my go to for that time.

I am always hunting for new lip balms as my lips just get so dry and chapped all the time. This was one i'd heard people rave about for adding moisture to your lips and leaving them soft and plump. I pretty much agree with all of that and this hasn't really left my lips since I got it. It's quite a thick formula so I'll mainly use it when I'm going to bed or not heading out anywhere. Since i've been using it my lips aren't becoming chapped or drying out so the moisture is staying there even when the balm isn't on.

I spotted this in the sale and was a little apprehensive about trying out as i'd use the Vitamin E moisturiser before and it just made my skin sensitive and breakout so I stopped using it. This one seems to be different to the moisturiser in the fact that its more of a gel with a slight grain to it (like a sorbet), it contains hyaluronic acid to plump the skin. I have been using this at night and even when I wake up my skin feels hydrated and soothed.

Have any of you tried these skincare products?



  1. The nuxe rev de miel is my favourite lip balm ever - lovely post!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. The NUXE lip balms are so so great! x

  3. I adore TBS skincare products, so kind to the skin!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  4. The clarifying toner sounds so nice, and I love cucumber!
    Kathy x