Has everyone else noticed recently that there are just so many new eyeshadow palettes out and you need them all?! Thats what I feel like and even though I've picked up these four recently there are so many others on my list. I always prefer eyeshadow palettes compared to single shadows as they are just so much better value for money and the shade selection always complements each other.

This is my first piece of makeup from Zoeva, but after obsessing over the brushes for the past year I decided to go for this cult eyeshadow palette. I asked on Twitter before order whether people would recommend this one or the Rose Golden and pretty much everyone went for this one. This palette is a selection of warm browns, shimmering golds and vibrant pinks and almost has that look of a box of chocolates. The palette comes housed in a cardboard case but it is still sturdy, this also makes lightweight and so perfect for travelling. In terms of the actual eyeshadows the shimmery ones seems to be more buttery and pigmented than the powder ones but they are still good. Here are the shades in the palette:

  • Bittersweet - pale matte cream
  • Sweeter End - shimmering duo chrome rose
  • Warm notes - glistening cranberry
  • Subtle Blend - deep bronze
  • Beans are White - matte ash brown
  • Pure Ganache - luxurious metallic gold
  • Substitute for Love - caramel brown
  • Freshly Toasted - mahogany brown
  • Infusion - matte dark brown with a golden glitter
  • Delicate Acidity - shimmery mauve purple

This was UD's most recent addition to their Naked collection and I like how this was is different to all the others, including shade selection and packaging. As soon as I saw this palette it looked right up my street and my mum kindly got me it as a gift a few weeks ago. I love how UD have resigned the packaging for this Naked addition and changed it to a square with two rows of shades. It also has this really pretty starburst design on the front, which makes it really luxurious. I have the three original Naked palettes so I knew what to expect from the shadows, I find with UD they are quite chalky and you get quite a bit of fall out but they are really easy to blend. All of the shadows in this palette are matte finish,hence why I think they are all chalky as I find matte finishes to be more like that. Here are the shades:
  • Blow - pale nude
  • Nudie - pink nude
  • Commando - taupe
  • Tempted - cool toned brown
  • Instinct - soft purple-taupe
  • Lethal - reddish brown
  • Pre-Game - yellow cream
  • Extra Bitter - burnt orange
  • Faith - warm brown
  • Lockout - rich neutral brown
  • Magnet - smoky grey
  • Blackjack - warm black

Tartelette In Bloom Palette | £33.00 | post

This is one of my amazing QVC finds, if you're after Tarte in the UK i'd suggest heading there as they have a great selection with good prices. I had originally wanted the Amazonian Clay Matte palette but this one was on offer with a brush so I had to get it. This palette had a floral theme with soft pinks, champagnes and nudes to darker browns and blacks. The palette includes a mix of matte and shimmer shades. These are really pigmented and I think its due to the clay aspect they have, most of the swatches below were done in one swipe, thats how good they are.

  • Charm - off white
  • Jetsetter - warm taupe
  • Rocker shimmery taupe
  • Smokeshow - black brown
  • Flower child - peach nude
  • Smarty pants - warm tan
  • Firecracker - bronze copper
  • Activist - dark brown
  • Funny girl - shimmery champagne
  • Sweetheart - peach
  • Rebel - chestnut brown
  • Leader - rich aubergine

ABH Master Palette by Mario | $45.00

In my opinion i've saved the best until last and i've only had this a week but its one of my favourite palettes so far. I do hate to say this though but it's sold out everywhere and i'm not sure if its coming back. As soon as I heard that Mario was bringing out his own palette I knew it would be good, I have been a fan of his for a while and obsess over watching his makeup techniques. I would definitely say that ABH eyeshadows are some of my favourites, they are just so buttery, soft and pigmented and blend together like a dream. This palette is a selection of burnt oranges, shimmery golds and chocolate browns bit the addition of a metallic blue and green.

  • Hollywood - metallic pale gold
  • NYC - rich chocolate brown
  • Kim - satin tan
  • Muse - rose gold
  • Marina - champagne
  • Claudia - slate blue
  • Lula - soft matte taupe
  • Isabel - burnt orange
  • Violeta - dark chocolate
  • 5th Ave - rich metallic gold
  • Bronx - metallic olive
  • Paris - gilded brown

Have any of you got these palettes? Which is your favourite?



  1. Those are all so beautiful, I really wanna try the ABH palette, the mettalics are beautiful

  2. The ABH palette looks so gorgeous! I'm particularly liking the shades 'Lula' and 'Isobel'. I'm also really keen to get my hands on the UD one as my collection could do with more mattes.


  3. I haven't got any of these palettes but want them all haha!
    Kathy x

  4. Such lovely additions! I love the look of the Zoeva palette. Such gorgeous colours! I need!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  5. The ABH Palette looks stunning! I really wish I could get my hands on it. I agree that UD shadows are chalky, I'm still hoping to get the basics one for christmas haha! The zoeva palette is one of my favourites. I also need the tarte one xx

    LPage Beauty

  6. I just bought my best friend the Zoeva palette but I was kind of eyeing it up for myself as well...I'd love to try a palette from ABH one day though- I hear a lot about them!

  7. I just bought my best friend the Zoeva palette but I was kind of eyeing it up for myself as well...I'd love to try a palette from ABH one day though- I hear a lot about them!

  8. Gorgeous winter palettes! I've been dying to get my hands on the Tarte palette and I'm literally heading straight over to QVC now, thanks.

    Hannah |

  9. I have all of these too & love them. The Zoeva quality is amazing for the price! xx

    Beautylymin| Urban Decay Bundle Giveaway

  10. You've just reviewed all the eyeshadow palettes I've been trying to choose from! Thank you! The swatches are great - but I'm still torn, haha. I think the Zoeva one still looks like it would do more of what I need, but then the Basics palette would go perfectly with my Naked 3...and then the Tarte ones look amazing too....

    Maybe I should just get them all!

    Cia |

  11. Oh i love these all, especially the Urban Decay one. Natural shades are my go-to and matte ones too x