Today's post is the third edition in my 'if I could only own 5...', my previous posts are my top 5 nail polishes and top 5 lipsticks. I have to say these post have definitely proved to me how much makeup I have and just how much I love it all as narrowing it down to my five favourites has been tough. This one is my top five brushes and although it wasn't as difficult as picking lipsticks and nail polishes, there are still lots of other brushes not in the post I use a lot.

This is my absolute go to for powder as I just love hour big and packed the brush is. The Elite brushes from Morphe are so good, the bristles are soft and plush and have that luxurious feel to them. I tend to use this one more for pressed powders than loose ones because it just ends up a big mess otherwise. Applying my powder with this not only sets my makeup but also blends it all together and ensure it isn't patchy.

Everyone seems to rave about the Zoeva silk finish brush and although I own it myself but this one beats it hands down. This is a flat top buffer brush with tightly packed bristles for creating a flawless foundation. I find with the silk finish it doesn't quite blend as well as I wouldn't want it but this one blends it in perfectly and it almost looks like my own skin tone. I use this with liquid foundation and so it doesn't need washing quite often as it can hold extra product but it washes really well and comes up like new.

This comes under being a blusher brush but its my go to for completing my bronze contour and ensuring it sculpts the hollows of my cheeks perfectly. This brush is angled and natural goat hair so it picks up a good amount of product and it blends beautifully into my makeup. I find the bristles on this so soft and every time I wash it, it comes up like new and just as fluffy. 

This is my absolute go to brush everyday and its the best blending brush I've used on my eyes. This is part of the Elite II collection and like the powder brush this brush is super fluffy with packed bristles and very soft. I use this brush to blend together the lid colour and darker crease shade and they blend together perfectly and easily with this brush. If you're after some new eye brushed then i'd recommend trying out these from the Elite collection!

Another of my go to brushes everyday for my eyes and i've used this so much over the past year that I think a repurchase might be in order soon. Like the cheek brush this one is also made out of premium quality goat hair, which makes it soft and fluffy and picks up the perfect amount of product. This brush is round and tightly packed making it the perfect size to get the shadow into your crease.

Are any of these brushes your favourites?



  1. I'm a huge fan of the Morphe brushes, I don't think there's any one the market that are such good quality at such a low price!

    Abigail Alice x

  2. These brushes all sound amazing! I might have to pick up the Morphe brushes!!

    Grace x

  3. I couldn't live without the Elf core collection, i use it every single day without fail x

  4. Ooo out of all of these I've only got the Zoeva flattop brush! I don't even use it that often. For me, I'd definitely have to keep my Sigma Tapered Highlighting Brush. I think that's the only one I'm really overly fussed with haha. The rest are pretty interchangeable for me :) x

    Katina Lindaa | www.katinalindaa.com