So tomorrow is the big day and I finally graduate from Uni. My graduation seems to be so much later than everyone else, which is kind of annoying I would have preferred it be in the summer! I'm still having a dress crisis and can't fully decide on what to wear but i've already planned what my makeup will be like for the day. Since i'll be travelling down in the morning for the ceremony in the afternoon and then out for dinner I want something that will last but nothing to over the top.

I'll be needing my makeup to last all day so a good primer is needed. This is one of the only ones I find helps keep my makeup in place and helps it apply smoothly. It's a cream based formula that mattifies the skin but doesn't leave it dry or dehydrated and my foundation glides on like a dream. With this primer and a good setting spray my makeup seems to last forever and I know it will still be looking good after a long day.

This is a recent addition to my collection and i'm loving it so much. I can see why this is a cult product and every beauty lover seems to have it. I already love the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation and I think it will be a tough decision to choose between the two now. This one is a little lighter on the skin and more glowing as the name would suggest. Whilst this is billed as being sheer I find it gives me the perfect amount of coverage straight away and covers all my imperfections. One thing I am annoyed about is that it foes have a pump application as I always pour out too much product!

My go to concealer at the moment as I seem to be really busy with work and the tiredness is showing in my eyes. This one completely covers my dark circles but also blends into my skin and brightens those areas. Like the name suggests it's covers all imperfections but doesn't feel heavy on my skin or crease like other full coverage concealers. I set this with a powder and it stays in place all day.

After getting this I'm all about that baking trend and its a vital part of my routine now. I set my concealer in place with by applying with a sponge and leaving for 5 or so minutes before buffing away any excess. The powder of this is really fine and almost weightless so it doesn't look cakey or powdery and stops any creases forming throughout the day.

I picked this up on a Sephora trip in Spain but can't seem to find it on the website so i've linked the loose translucent powder instead. I've been loving this as its so smooth to apply and you don't end up in a mess like you do with a loose powder. I use this on the areas I have set with the banana powder as I hate my makeup being sticky and this gets rid of that!

Again this is another that is no longer available as it part of those limited edition collections but i've linked a similar KIKO bronzer. This shade is a really soft glowing bronze shade that adds warmth to the hollows of my cheeks without looking too harsh. This is one of those bronzers I reach for a lot and i'll be gutted when I finish it since it's no longer available.

Sorry but another that has sold out online, although I think you can find this in a few store still. This was part of the holiday collection and as soon as it became available I had to order it. My biggest regret was not getting Whisper of Guilt highlighter last year so I'm glad its back. This palette features the gold highlighter, Whisper of Guilt and Peachy Model, a peachy brown blusher/bronzer. I haven't yet decided whether I prefer the darker shade as a bronzer of blusher as I think it works for both. On my graduation I'll definitely be wearing Whisper of Guilt to give me the perfect glow.

Colourpop Between the Sheets Blusher | $8.00

This is one of my favourite blushers for adding that flushed looked to my cheeks. I'm still getting used to applying these blushes as I can't work out if its better with a brush or my fingers as its a cream to powder formula. This shade is described as a mid-tone beige pink and its pretty perfect for my skin tone.

Of course my go to cult brow product is the one i'll be using on the day as its my absolute favourite and I find my brows always look amazing. I apply this using an angled brush and the cream based product glides on easily and fills my brows in perfectly. I also find with this my brows stay in place all day and don't wear away or go patchy.

This is a new favourite in my brow routine for making my brows stand out a bit more and appear more lifted. I normally line my brows with concealer to seal them in place and make the lines look straight and smooth. However, this pencil gives me all of that but its more convenient to use and I just blend it out with my finger.

I've decided for the day i'll got for a simple bronzey smokey eye on the day with luscious lashes, and thats where this palette comes in. It's a relatively new one to my collection but I'm loving it so far. I'll probably create a look using Pure Ganache, a shimmer bronzey gold and Substitute for Love a toffee brown shade with a slight shimmer.

This is my go to mascara for length and volume. The formula is quite wet so glides onto you lashes easily, although, do be careful not to sneeze or flinch when applying as it ends up everywhere! I always curl my lashes before applying this mascara and I find this helps keep the curl. 

I want to wear lashes on the day but nothing over the top and this is why I love the wispy ones. These red cherry ones add both length and volume but still look natural. The lash strip is also thin which I love as its easier to apply and you don't feel it when your wearing them. These lashes are so affordable so I don't mind if they get ruined, but it's great when they are perfect to us again.

I mention this so much buy its my perfect nude lipstick. On the day I don't want to look to overdone so i'll be sticking this with nude and my signature look. This nude is a biscuit beige and I would say its definitely for paler skin tones. These are so moisturising and creamy that its almost like a balm with a slight sheen to it. 

What would be your go to look for an occasion like this?



  1. Lovely post! The swatches look stunning. I so want the MAC duo! Congratulations on your graduation! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. Congrats on graduating! I have been eyeing that MAC set but I'm afraid it will be sold out before I decide lol. The swatches are seriously gorgeous!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  3. Congratulations on your graduation!! This sounds like a beautiful makeup look, I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow :) xxx

  4. I adore the Wispie lashes! Congrats on graduating.

    Abigail Alice x

  5. What a lovely and exciting day for you! I'd definitely go for a more bright and glowy look I think especially since I don't really wear a lot of makeup everyday
    Kathy x

  6. A big congratulations to you for graduating!! I hope the weather holds up and you have an amazing day :) x

    Katina Lindaa |

  7. I hope you have a fabulous day - and many congratulations! :)

  8. Congratulations, I hope you will have an amazing day! Having the graduation in summer would be better but still it is all about enjoying the moment. I'd probably go for similar tones for an occasion like that and add glow to brighten up a gloomy day!

    Ela BellaWorld

  9. That kiko bronzer looks gorgeous! Congratulations on your graduation, i just wrapped up another semester of uni, i still have a year to go.

  10. Love this selection! So pretty! Hope your graduation went well.

  11. Hey Samantha! Just came across your blog and immediately followed! Really like it and just wanted to say congratulations on graduating! I am hopefully starting uni next year and am freaking out about it all!
    X Marlinde