When Benefit relaunched their entire brown range earlier this year, the beauty world went mad about it and the whole collection is so dreamy. The whole collection was revamped with brand new luxurious chrome packaging all with an archery theme. The new range included revamped originals and a few new products and I want to try it all! This autumn they launched they sets, which include 3 products and a brow tool. The sets are Bigger & Bolder, Soft & Natural and Refined and Defined. 

I went for the refined and defined as it had 3 products in it that I didn't already own and wanted to try. These sets retail for £28.50, which I think is great as 3 products on their own could amount to nearly £50+ on their own. Here are the products included in the set:

This was the main reason I wanted this set as this product really intrigued me. This primer for your brows conditions and smooths the brows and can enable the brows to grow stronger and fuller. I use this at night and before applying my makeup, I don't think i've used this for long enough to comment on whether my brows are thicker yet but I'm hoping to see a difference soon.

I had wanted this product for a while now, even before they relaunched the range. I always line my brows with a concealer as it just finishes them off, adds definition and brightens the brow bone. This is a pencil but the product is actually really creamy and applied easily, its a pale pink shade which brightens the area and lifts the brows. This is such a convenient product as I apply with like a pencil and just blend out with my finger so can be taken out and about.

I was sort of indifferent to this product as it wasn't one I was after trying but also thought it would be good to have in my collection. The pencil is a very thin twist up style (reminded me of the ABH Brow Wiz), perfect for creating those hair like strokes. So far I have used this to fill in gaps after a using pomade but not on its own, it is good for getting a fine brow edge. It also had a handy spooly brush at the other end for using on the go and tidying up the brows.

The set also includes a mapping tool to help get your brows in perfect shape. This I'm still getting used to using it and don't find it makes it any easier. I know its all about shaping your brows to the angles of your face but that is easier said than done. 

What do you think of these Benefit brow sets?



  1. This sounds so good! Definitely going to pick this up!!

    Grace x

  2. This set is perfect for a Christmas gift and what a bargain it is. Benefit is my favourite brand for eyebrow products.

  3. I was thinking about picking this set up! It looks like a really good deal!

    xo, Liz

  4. This set is definitely quite a bargain!
    Ambar x | Her Little Loves