Beauty Bay is one of my favourite websites lately, they just have all these amazing brands that you can't seem to get anywhere else. A few weeks ago they offered some discounts if you spent over a certain amount, I took the plunge and went for the 30% off over £100 and picked up all the products i'd wanted for a while. From all my previous order i've been impressed with Beauty Bay and you always get free delivery and sometimes next day, this order was next day although it didn't arrive until Monday when I ordered on Thursday evening! However, I'm already loving the bits I picked up and here they are.

I asked people on Twitter about this palette or the Rose Golden and everyone seemed to suggest the Cocoa Blend one. I'd not tried any Zoeva eyeshadows before but a lot of people have raved about them so I was excited to try. This palette is a selection of warm browns, golds, reds and purples, all shades that I love to wear this season. So far I'm impressed with the formula of these, they are buttery and soft and blend like a dream. The new sister palettes to this are also so dreamy, I think I need to pick them up soon.

These were actually a free gift with my purchase but i've included them as they are actually a great freebie and a decent size. I've seen this skincare brand around a lot recently and you'll see later that I did buy a product from them in this haul but these freebies have given me the chance to try some more. Both of these are cleansers with the Enzyme cleansing gel remove makeup and impurities from the day and Cucumber cleansing lotion to refresh oily skin and give a deep cleanse.

I'm a big liquid lipstick fan lately and a lot of people have raved about these so I picked one up and its the first product i've tried from Gerard Cosmetics. These promise to drench the lips with colour but still moisturise and hydrate the lips, and I have to say I think both of these are true. I've worn this a few times and my lips get a great pop of colour but it's not at all drying. I have the shade Serenity which I would describe as a rosy pink.

I have the lighter version of this to brighten my under eyes and I'm a fan so I thought i'd pick up a bronze shade for contouring. The shade I picked up is slightly too dark for me so I have to apply it sparingly and I can make it work. What I love about these is the ease of application, you get a brush at the end of tube so you can apply with that and blend away.

Another product i've seen being rave about recently and I'm always on the hunt for something to keep my makeup in place all day. I went for the peach shade as I do love that smell and boy does this smell strong of peach. The aroma is quite strong and does seem to swamp your face but it dies down after a few seconds. I have found that this doesn't tend to sting my eyes a little when I first spray it but it doesn't stay uncomfortable for too long and it does keep my makeup looking flawless throughout the day.

As I said earlier this is the product from Mario Badescu I've tried initially and so far I'm loving it. I went for this as I thought it would be great for my skin now the weather is dry and dehydrating. This contains fragrant herbs and rosewater, which both refresh the skin and hydrate it. I tend to apply this before my makeup to add some extra moisturise and stop the makeup from drying it out.

Finally I have some of these in my collection after wanting to try them for ages. Everyone seems to rave about these eyeshadows and say they are some of the best single pans out there. To be honest with you I actually this these are getting quite expensive (they have actually gone up in price since this order) and I would rather buy a palette with lots of shades in. However, with 30% off I couldn't pass it up. I went for some standard eyeshadows, duo chrome and foiled pans.
  • Shimma Shimma (standard) - a shimmer silver champagne
  • Peach Smoothie (standard) - a matte pale peachy nude
  • Creme Brûlée (standard) - a matte soft caramel shade
  • Cinderella (standard) - a shimmer rose pink
  • Frappe (standard) - a matte caramel brown
  • In the Spotlight (foiled) - a dewy peach shimmer
  • Grandstand (foiled) - a rose gold shimmer
  • Cocoa Bear (standard) - a matte reddish brown
  • Ritzy (duo chrome) - a bronze iridescent shimmer
  • Karma (duo chrome) - a gold iridescent shimmer

I picked up one shade from Morphe as the selection isn't that great but this one was my type of shade. Buckle Up is a mid tone warm brown and it actually fits with my MUG shades nicely in a palette. I already new I like the formula of the Morphe eyeshadows and this one is just as good.

Have any of you picked up some stuff from Beauty Bay recently?



  1. These are such good pieces, definitely worth spending the extra money on such gorgeous makeup! I've tried the Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks, they are brilliant aren't they :) my favourite is the shade iced mocha! Thank you for sharing! Xxx

  2. I haven't shopped on beauty bay in ages! I always get my MUG shadows from there though
    Kathy x

  3. OOh so many great products! 30% off sounds like such a great deal-- especially for all those MUG shadows! You picked out such a beautiful assortment of colors :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  4. Those MUG shades though <3 <3 stunning. I actually placed a Beauty Bay order the other day, pretty similar to yours. i too use the LA Girl concealer under my eyes and ordered a bronzey one for contouring! How weird is that. I also ordered some MakeupGeek palettes, but only a few and my 'haul' now looks shit compared to yours haha

    N xx | Lovelaughslipstick x

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  6. That Zoeva palette is gorgeous, I really want to try their shadows soon! Cinderella and Shimma Shimma are some of my favorite shadows and I just got a lot of the same ones you did. Great choices!

  7. I love the Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks they are so long lasting!

    Abigail Alice x

  8. I've never actually brought from Beauty Bay so may have to take a look at this!

  9. Can't believe I don't own any makeup geek shadows at the moment, it's ridiculous! I feel so left out and like the only person who doesn't have them! I'm loving my Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette at this time of the year but also want their new caramel one and the neutral palette! Their pigmentation is amazing! xx

  10. I just love BeautyBay as it's perfect if you feel like a little treat & don't want to be hit with a stupid amount to spend for free p&p. I love Zoeva & I'm looking at maybe getting the Cocoa Blend as it's beautiful for winter looks.