So another month is over and the final month of the year starts tomorrow, but that means the most exciting month of the year is here - CHRISTMAS! This year i've decided to take part in Blogmas and blog every day until Christmas day, wish me luck as I think I have a busy month ahead. Anyway, todays post is the products I have been loving this month, I got quite a lot of makeup for my birthday a few weeks ago but that will be featured in posts in the next few weeks.


So here is the fourth instalment in my mini series of the top 5 of each beauty product. Today's turn is for my absolute favourite product that I own way too many of and keep adding to my collection - highlighters! I don't know what it is about them but I just love the glow that they add to you face and it's probably one of the main products I wont leave the house without wearing. It was a tough decision on what ones to include in this post but these are the ones I reach for the most, i'll be doing a full post of all my highlighters as part of my blogmas so keep an eye out for that to see the rest of my collection.


Oh how I wished I lived in the US just for the makeup. What annoys me the most thought is that some of the brands we can get in the UK but they bring out different versions and they never seem to be as good. A few months ago I saw Kasie from Kasie Beauty order some makeup from Target and I had never thought of looking on there before. Target do actually ship to the UK but the shipping was ridiculous and almost $70 for an order that was $50, so I decided to go through a mailing service.


Has everyone else noticed recently that there are just so many new eyeshadow palettes out and you need them all?! Thats what I feel like and even though I've picked up these four recently there are so many others on my list. I always prefer eyeshadow palettes compared to single shadows as they are just so much better value for money and the shade selection always complements each other.


Recently my collection of facial sprays has just grown, I think without even realising i've picked up lots of new ones. However, this time of year they are a savour. Obviously once my makeup has been applied I can't add a moisturiser, this is where a facial spray/mist comes in. It adds moisture to your skin but doesn't smudge or remove any makeup.


When Benefit relaunched their entire brown range earlier this year, the beauty world went mad about it and the whole collection is so dreamy. The whole collection was revamped with brand new luxurious chrome packaging all with an archery theme. The new range included revamped originals and a few new products and I want to try it all! This autumn they launched they sets, which include 3 products and a brow tool. The sets are Bigger & Bolder, Soft & Natural and Refined and Defined. 


When ever the seasons change my skin tends to suffer and its especially bad now that its getting colder. This gives me a big excuse to pick up some new skincare and thats what I have been doing recently. This selection is a mix of products I have spotted out and about and thought they sounded good and others I have been lusting over and wanting to try for a while. 


So today is my 23rd birthday and I will have had a half a day at work and gone for afternoon tea with my mum - I am writing like this as this post will have been written in advance! I have to day this is probably the first year I haven't been very excited for my birthday, I guess this is what happens when you're older. My birthday also falls on a Wednesday this year (obviously!) and I just think that is an awful day to do anything! Today's post is going to be all about things I've learnt in my 23 years and the things I'm looking forward to at this age and things I'm not so much.


Today's post is the third edition in my 'if I could only own 5...', my previous posts are my top 5 nail polishes and top 5 lipsticks. I have to say these post have definitely proved to me how much makeup I have and just how much I love it all as narrowing it down to my five favourites has been tough. This one is my top five brushes and although it wasn't as difficult as picking lipsticks and nail polishes, there are still lots of other brushes not in the post I use a lot.


Beauty Bay is one of my favourite websites lately, they just have all these amazing brands that you can't seem to get anywhere else. A few weeks ago they offered some discounts if you spent over a certain amount, I took the plunge and went for the 30% off over £100 and picked up all the products i'd wanted for a while. From all my previous order i've been impressed with Beauty Bay and you always get free delivery and sometimes next day, this order was next day although it didn't arrive until Monday when I ordered on Thursday evening! However, I'm already loving the bits I picked up and here they are.


So I met the lovely people at 7th Heaven at the #BloggersFestival back in Septmeber and it really took me back to my childhood with these masks. I'm pretty sure most of you will have some point in your childhood got your mum to buy you one of these masks for a sleepover. However, now these are more for skincare than fun and these masks all have a purpose and help different skin types. In this post i'll give you a run through of the the masks and there is a small giveaway at the end after the guys at 7th Heaven kindly sent me some of their Multi-masking sets.


So tomorrow is the big day and I finally graduate from Uni. My graduation seems to be so much later than everyone else, which is kind of annoying I would have preferred it be in the summer! I'm still having a dress crisis and can't fully decide on what to wear but i've already planned what my makeup will be like for the day. Since i'll be travelling down in the morning for the ceremony in the afternoon and then out for dinner I want something that will last but nothing to over the top.


If there is one thing I have to do religiously every night is remove all makeup and give my skin a deep cleanse. Even if i've had a long day and I'm exhausted or one too many drinks makeup removal is a must as in reality its a two minute job and the repercussions of leaving my makeup on will last a lot longer. I actually remove the bulk of my makeup with a wipe, just because i find it a bit easier and I don't go through a million cotton pads, then i'll go in with a proper cleanser to remove any residual makeup and impurities/dirt from the day. 


So October was supposed to be a spending ban, however, this little beauty ended up with me breaking it. If you're in the UK you'll know the struggle of getting your hands on Tarte products, this is where QVC came to the rescue. I think it's quite recent that they have started stocking Tarte but it is great for me as i've been wanting to get my hands on some of there products for a while. This post also includes one of their eyeshadow palettes I picked earlier this year but I thought it would be good to combine it all into one post.


Paul Mitchell is a brand i'd briefly heard of before but never tried any of the products. Recently I was given the opportunity to try out some of their range and I couldn't be more excited. My biggest issue with my hair is it being dry and brittle from being coloured and heat being used on it a lot, so I'm always on the hunt for new products that will hopefully revive my hair.