I've decided to start a mini series on my blog where I narrow it down to my top 5 of a certain product. This time i've started with nail polishes as they are probably the one I own the most of - lets just say 150+. Picking just 5 was a pretty big task and probably took my like 20 minutes to decide, and even now there are so many others I wish I could have included. 

Ricky's NYC RickyColor in Citibike Station | $6.50

This is pretty much my go to colour for summer and wear it non-stop. I picked this up when I was in NY last year and pretty gutted I only got the one as this one is almost finished. Citibike Station is a neon orange shade and the perfect colour to enhance your tanned skin. The formula is quite thick so you only need 2 coats to get an opaque colour. Although it's thick it doesn't take forever to dry - no more than usual. I honestly think I need to head back to NY just to pick up this shade again as I know you can't ship nail polish to the UK.

Collection 7 Day Wear Nail Polish in White Out | £1.99

This is pretty much all about the colour. In my opinion you can't go wrong with a white nail, whether thats in winter or summer and it will go with everything you wear. I probably go through a white nail varnish every 2-3 months as I wear it that often so I tend to pick up a cheap one. This Collection one is pretty good as I find its quite long lasting when worn with a good base and top coat. One issue I do find with white polish though is that you can get marks on your nails easily and they are noticeable so you may have to change sooner than usual.

Rimmel 60 Seconds in Rita Rouge | £2.99

Now that we're in winter time I bring out all those deep red and burgundy toned polishes. You can't really go wrong with this shade, Rita Rouge is a deep red wine shade that is almost black but not quite as harsh. The formula of this definitely doesn't dry in 60 seconds like advertised and is no quicker than a normal polish but I have no complaints as i'm used to waiting for my nails to dry. For the price tag you really can't go wrong with this polish and i've had it for probably a year and it hasn't gone at all gloopy.

H&M Nail Polish in Mauve It | £3.99

Again this is a shade more for the winter time than summer. Mauve It is pretty much as the name suggests, a deep mauve purple. I'm not sure what it is about this colour but I really do just love it, I find that it tends to go with a lot as its kind of a neutral shade. The formula of these H&M polishes is actually one of my favourites, the polish is quite thick so if you really needed to you could get away with one coat. You also get a curved brush which fits perfectly into your nail bed.

Essie Nail Polish in Status Symbol | £7.99

This last shade was a toss up between a red and pink shade, but the girly in me when for a pink shade. This is more of a summer shade in my opinion but still wearable throughout the whole year if you wanted. Status Symbol is a hot pink shade with blue undertones. I have to say although Essie is that little bit more expensive I don't think the formula lives up to it and I have to use quite a few coats to get it to be opaque.

What would your top 5 nails polishes be?!



  1. Rita Rouge and Mauve It are stunning shades! Need to pick those up! Great picks :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. I have recently found that i cannot be without a black nail polish so i had to re-purchase one today, goes with every look and gives a more sophisticated feel x


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