If you haven't heard of Ideal World before then it's an TV shopping channel that is all about bring the most innovative, entertaining and must have products directly to you. You can find Ideal World on Sky, Virgin and Freeview. The sell everything from homeware to DIY to clothing and beauty. I was kindly sent the Ideal World Bloggers Box* full of beauty goodies that can all be found on their website or channels.

Elizabeth Grant Firming Eye Pads | £14.99

I'd never actually heard of this brand before but I'm intrigued by this product. The Firming Eye Pads are formulated to help hydrate, firm and tone the appearance of skin around the eyes. I tend to suffer a little with dark circles around my eyes so I'm hoping these may be able to help clear that up and make my eyes look brighter and awake.

BeautyPro Rejuvenating Collagen Mask with Green Tea Extract | £12.99

I love a sheet mask so I was excited to see this in the box, another brand i'd never heard of but I like the fact that the mask will help rebalance oily t-zones and hydrate dry areas - both of which I suffer with. 

Liquilift Slender Wrap | £19.99

This was something that caught my eye. I'd heard a lot about body wraps that can help lose inches off your body but never one you can use yourself at home. It has a mix of ingredients that stimulate microcirculation and blood flow to help skin feel tauter, smoother and hydrate. It says to leave the wrap on overnight so I think i'll do that and take my measurements before and after to see if it worked.

The Wet Brush Detangle Professional | £9.99 (Twin pack)

I was excited to see in the box as i'd had this used on my in the hairdressers and it worked so well on my thick and knotty hair. This will definitely be the brush i'll be using after i've washed it as its so matted and tough to brush when washed.

Zhuzh Tan Accelerator | £15.99 

This was another products I was intrigued to see and to try. I'm a bit of a fake tan junkie and love trying new ones. This one is a little different as its a tan accelerator so it works to stimulate melanin levels for a richer looking tan in less time. It comes as a spray, which spray where desired and massage in. I am hoping it will be one that smells quite nice too!

Elizabeth Grant Hydra Cell Active Foot Cream 

I couldn't actually find this one on their website, which was a little annoying but hopefully it will appear on there soon. This foot cream is designed to help moisturise your feet and keep them soft and supple, especially after wearing sandals all summer when your feet can dry out.

Elizabeth Grant Moisture Stick | £9.99 

This moisturising balm can be used either on its own or under lipstick for added moisture. Its quite nice as it comes in a more premium looking lipstick case so it wont look like your applying a balm.

Elizabeth Grant Wonder Effect Glycolic Mask 

Unfortunately another I can seem to find on the website. It looks like a mini version though. Its a clay mask that hydrates and contains glycolic acid that helps exfoliate, moisturise and revitalise skin. It helps draw out deep impurities and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Skinn Plasma Fusion Full Pigment Lipstick | $20.00

Yet another that isn't on their website yet but it is on the Skinn website. This is probably the most interesting lipstick i've seen, it has an inner core filled with Argan oil and Reship oil to sooth and nourish lips but still with added colour from the outside layer.

Skinn Luxe Waterproof Eyeliner | $12.00

I'm not normally one to use eye pencils so i'm not sure how much use i'll get out of it. However, I have the shade bronze which will be really wearable for myself. Its also waterproof so not likely to wear off throughout the day.

Fabulift Eye Lifting Serum | £14.99

I got sent a small sample of this in the box. This product helps soften lines around the eyes and to plump, smooth and diminish wrinkles to give a more youthful appearance. Since I only got one sample of it I'm not sure how much a different i'll see but I'm excited to try it.

If you like the look of these products check out Ideal World 



  1. I hear great things about the wet brush, I've been trying to find some good off brands with a similar idea from where I live but I can't seem to!
    Kathy x

  2. That face mask sound really nice! I have been thinking about picking up some eye pads but just haven't gotten around to it.
    A New Old Fashioned Girl

  3. This box seems like it has a bunch of great things! Thanks for sharing :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  4. This box sounds and looks so amazing!!

    Grace x