If there is one small thing I love about going on holiday its the duty free shopping at the beginning. Whenever i'm going away I always pick up a few bits as although the discounts aren't always great its still cheaper than the high street. I also ended up calling into a few shops whilst I was in Spain so I thought i'd include it all in one haul.

I decided to pick up a few new lippies from MAC as they were around £12.75 in duty free so a bit cheaper and i'd been after these shades for a while. I went for a range of nudes as they really are the main thing I wear. The shades I got are:

Honeylove - a matte finish cool toned nude shade
Yash - a matte finish warm caramel nude
Faux - a satin finish mauve pink
Whirl - a matte finish reddish brown

Pretty much my whole holiday I switched between Honeylove and Faux. I have found these matte shades to be not as drying as the like of Velvet Teddy, I do still wear a balm underneath though to keep my lips moisturised. 

This cult product by MAC is something i've wanted for a while and finally picked it up in duty free for around £20.00. Soft & Gentle is a baked shimmery champagne shade. Its more of a powdery formula than cream like the likes of Mary Lou-Manizer or BECCA highlighters. When applied to your cheekbones it really highlights and glistens where the sun would shine on your skin. Its not as pigmented as other highlighters but you can build it up depending on the look you want.

I've seen a lot of YouTubers and makeup artists using this lately and so thought i'd pick it up and give it ago. It's a water mist that gently soothes and refreshes the skin and finishes your makeup. I use mine on my damp beauty blender to blend out my concealer and foundation and lock in my makeup and will sometimes use it as a setting spray once my makeup has finished. 

I've been wanting to pick this up ever since the makeup artist used it on my brows when I had them waxed at Benefit. This cream-gel colour is like the ABH DipBrow but this probably isn't as creamy. I find that this can be worn quite natural with a small application or can be built up for more defined brows. It does come with a little brush but I don't find it works that well so I use the ABH brow brush. I have the shade 2, which is perfect for my dark blonde brows.

This sort of fell into my basket on the way to the till after spotting it for around £20.00. I'd been wanting to try this after hearing Gabriella from Velvet Ghost using it a lot as a lip balm. I suffer a lot with dry lips and especially now that the winter has arrived so this should hopefully sort them out. The formula is very much like the formula of vaseline but just a little thicker. I'm not sure I could use this on my face as it's very thick and would leave it very sticky, but its perfect for my lips and is keeping them soft and moisturised.

When we were in Spain we called into a shopping centre and they had a KIKO there so I picked up a few bits. They weren't that much cheaper, I think the prices were the same in euros as they were in pounds so possible a little cheaper with the exchange rate. I picked up this highlighter stick as i'd seen a lot of people use it but never saw it in store so took the chance and bought one. Its a cream formula but isn't heavy on your skin and blends out to give a dewy glow.

This was a new launch my KIKO so when I spotted it in the store I got it. It adorably packaged in this chocolate style packaging and houses two blushes inside. I got the Silky Rose and Mauve one as I liked how the shades were lovely for autumn. The formula of these are quite powdery and there is a little bit of fall out but it goes a long way and you don't need a lot of product.

I picked this up last minute as it was on sale about £3.90 and thought i'd give it a go. The mascara is designed to give sculpted full lashes with a plush appearance. I've tried this a few times and i'm not really that impressed, my lashes looked a little longer and fuller but I have other mascaras that make my lashes a lot fuller and longer.

Do any of you like these products?



  1. The kiko mascara was a great sale! Sucks that it didn't work so well, I still have yet to get my hands on kiko products

    Kathy x

  2. Honeylove and Faux are two of my favourite MAC lipsticks! I love the sound of the Kiko highlighter! Lovely post! Xxx

  3. Amazing choice of MAC lipsticks. Those 4 are ones Ive been wanting for ages too.


  4. Honeylove is my favorite lipstick ever and I just got Faux, I'm obsessed! I really want to try Soft and Gentle, it looks beautiful x


  5. Loving the stuff you bought! The MAC lipsticks look beautiful. I definitely need Honeylove and Yash in my collection :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  6. I love the look of Yash defo gonna go on my list of lippies i need to pick up.. looks like a perfect everyday nude


  7. Everything looks stunning!

    Grace x

  8. I love the MAC lipstick shades, they're perfect for all year round. Wish i splurged more at duty free x

  9. I also purchased two mascaras when they had sale for 3.90 but I haven't received them yet. I hope they turn out to be good otherwise I will be so sad. MAC Faux is so pretty, definitely a shade I would wear for every day!