So I haven't done a face of the day for a while so I thought i'd throw in an updates one with lots of products I'm loving currently. Being a makeup addict I try to rotate my makeup often and change up what I'm using, however, I do still have favourites that I'll use constantly. I've kept this FOTD quite simple and it's what i'd wear on a day to day basis for work or going on a day out.

I picked this up quite a while ago now and pretty much put it in a back drawer and didn't use it for ages until I ran out of my favourite primer and gave this a try. I've been using it a lot since as its really great at creating a smooth base for my foundation and helping it last all day. Its cream based and mattifies the skin but doesn't make your foundation drag like other matte primers can. 

This was my go to foundation earlier on in the year when it was cold but switched up for lighter base during the summer, however, now that the weather has turned cold again this is my new go to. YSL reformulate this foundation at the beginning of the year to make it more full coverage but a lighter feeling on the skin. I find that this lasts so long on my skin and looks flawless even after being at work all day. It also contains light reflecting technology to help you skin radiate from within.

I was so late to the party trying this concealer but so glad I finally have it. It is pretty much the best concealer i've tried and covers all my dark circles and blemishes but doesn't feel at all heavy. I blend this out using a damp beauty blender and it ends up looking so flawless and blends so well into my foundation.

This is pretty much the best powder I have ever used for setting my concealer. This is cult product in the makeup world and if you haven't tried it before you need to and you'll see why. This powder is yellow based and has a light texture. I apply a little under my eyes leave it to set for a few minutes and brush away the extra, after my concealer never creases and stays in place all day.

Although I love the banana powder I don't use it all over my face and instead favour this Vichy powder. Its a light texture and translucent in colour so it doesn't discolour my makeup already applied. I dust this on quite lightly as it can be a tad drying if too much as applied but it leaves my skin looking flawless and with a matte finish.

I used to favour Benefits Hoola bronzer over everything else but this is now the new love in my life. The Laguna bronzer is a chocolate brown shade with a very slight shimmer to help add a glow to the skin. I find that this is really pigmented so you need a tiny amount. I use this to contour my cheeks and add warmth to other areas.

When using blush I like it to be subtle and so most of time I opt for rosy pink shades that will just add a bit of a flushed look to my cheeks. This shade by MAC has been my go to for ages and will continue to for a while. Love Cloud is a bright mid toned pink and it adds just a slight flush to my cheeks without looking like too much!

This is the new obsession in my life and I don't think i've used any of my other highlighter since getting this. I'm loving the Marshmallow shade, its an intense pearl with a gold shimmer. These are so pigmented and you need the tiniest amount to get an amazing highlight. 

It was a toss up on my brows whether to include this or my loved ABH DipBrow but this is the one i've favoured more recently. This fills in my brows perfectly, whilst shaping them at the same time. The wax based formula is almost so long lasting and at times I could leave my brows on whilst taking the rest of my makeup off and they would still look perfect.

I have loved the original Lash Sensational for a while but this one is just on another level. The formula is quite wet so it applies really easy and coats the lashes quickly. I find that this mascara gives just enough volume and length combined and its very close to that false lash effect you want with a mascara.

This beauty seems to be sold out everywhere currently but I have heard it is a permanent line and will be back at some point so if you're still after it then keep an eye out for when its back in stock. This is such an autumnal palette with burnt oranges, deep browns and shimmery gold, very reminiscent of fallen leaves. One of the reasons I love this palette is the formula of the shadows, its unlike anything I've tried before, they are buttery, soft and so pigmented that even the tiniest bit on your brush makes a massive difference.

This dreamy lipstick has been my go to shade for the past couple of weeks, whether that be for a casual day out or for an evening dinner. Nude Kate is a pretty true nude biscuit beige shade, that is more suitable for the fairer skin tones. The formula of these new launches by CT are so creamy and moisturising it almost feels like your wearing a balm instead of a lipstick.

What are your current FOTD picks?



  1. Lovely picks! I've made up my mind..I'm going to pick up the UD concealer when I get the chance. Everyone raves about how good it is and I just need to see what all the hype is about!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. The benefit Kabrow is definitely one of my favorite go-to's for brow products. I'm also a huge fan of the Too Faced born this way foundation as well as my Laura Mercier highlighter in seduction (?) I think it is.

  3. These are all such great products! Would love to try the Benefit brow products

    Beauty Candy Loves

  4. I am going to have to try the Urban Decay concealer as i suffer with colour issues under my eyes and i am hearing more people rave about it x

  5. Just a great collection of high end and drugstore items you use everyday. I didn't even know Maybelline had a new 'Lash Sensational' - can't wait to try it out seeing as I absolutely love my regular version. The next item I need in my life is the Nars laguna bronzer for sure, I love how it can work as a contour or a bronzer. Lovely post, just am loving your blog!
    Holly x |

  6. Laguna is one of my favorite bronzers! I'm obsessed with Anastasia's eyeshadow formula, it's incredible x

  7. So many great products that I really need to try :D The Urban Decay concealer seems to be hyped up for like a year yet I have yet to buy it. The MR is such a beauty and I can see why it's your go to recently :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  8. All the products you mentioned sound so amazing!! <3 Love this post

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

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  10. I love the Vichy setting powder and the MR palette. I need to try the Ben Nye powder, it sounds like I would love it xx

    LPage Beauty

  11. I'm quite pinky toned so really want to try this banana powder to neutralise my skin. xx