This is probably one of the most in demand palettes in the beauty world and its always out of stock in the UK so you do have to keep an eye out for restocks. If you do live in the US though you do have a better chance of getting it from the Morphe website and lots of bloggers/Youtubers have discount codes for it! I have actually ended up with both the 35OM and 35OS, which gives me the best of both worlds.

I picked up the shimmer version a few months ago now when I headed to the Cocktail Cosmetics (haul here) store and they had it in stock. Of course I bought it as i've never seen it in stock anywhere else in the UK and knew i'd regret it! Admittedly I do wish I had gotten the matte version first instead as I do use it more for everyday!

That it was prompted me to order the matte version a few weeks after when Beauty Bay restocked it. It was actually about £3 cheaper on Beauty Bay, which is a bit annoying but not a huge difference I guess. I think Beauty Bay are restocking both matte, shimmer and original version a lot lately if you're after it.

In terms of packaging its the signature matte black plastic packaging. I find this to be quite sturdy but i've never travelled with it so couldn't comment on how well it travels. Obviously these palettes have 35 shades each so the large size is expected but not the most travel friendly. I do have other smaller Morphe palettes I would probably take instead of these if I was going away.

The formula of the Morphe shades is one of my favourites.They are buttery instead of being powdery and the pigmentation is really amazing - you'll see in the swatched below. The shimmers are probably a little more pigmented than the mattes. I find they blend really well and stay on my eyes all day. 

The shade selection in both palettes is the warm toned browns, creams, reds and some vibrant oranges thrown in. Obviously with 35 shades there is going to be some that I don't use or are really similar to each other so no need for both, however, there is every warm tones neutral you could want. you can see some of my favourite shades below...

Top row middle shade 

 2nd row middle shade

 3rd row 2nd from the right

 4th row 2nd from the left

Bottom row 1st from the right

Do any of you have either of these palettes?



  1. I finally got my hands on the 350S palette the other day and I'm in love! Now I just need the matte palette! x


  2. I have the original but neither of these. They look so pretty and the shades are so pigmented! I definitely want to pick up more Morphe palettes x

    Gemma Louise

  3. Loving colours! I need to pick this up!!

    Grace x

  4. I have the matte palette but I'm so ready to buy the shimmer one! Morphe shadows are amazing. It'd be a crime not to pick up both, haha!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  5. Omg I so badly want Morphe palettes these are so beautiful

    Beauty Candy Loves

  6. I recently got the 35OS palette and I'm literally obsessed - really need to get my hands on the matte palette too!

    Lucy | Forever September

  7. I would be reaching for this pallete time and time again, i love all of the shades x

  8. These really tempt me because the shades are amazing and they seem to swatch really well. My only worry would be their blendability?