If there is one product I buy way too many of but can't seem to stop buying, its lipsticks. I have all types of different finishes but the one I seem to go back to is matte. For me it is by no means the most comfortable as I suffer terribly with dry lips and it aggravates them even more but there is no beauty with suffering right?! In this post i'll talk about the different brands i've tried in both lipstick and liquid lipstick formula and whether or not I liked them.

I have tried the CP liquid lipsticks in both the satin and matte formula and admittedly the satin is my favourite of the two but the matte isn't terrible. These are quite thick and you really don't need to apply a lot to get a good coat on your lips and the longevity is amazing with these. The shade here is Kae, which is part of a collaboration with Karrueche Tran, its a cool toned nude beige.

I'm such a big fan of these and find them so comfortable to wear. These are quite watery and so very lightweight on the lips, I have to apply about 3-4 coats to get a full coat of colour but it doesn't end up too heavy either. The collection is full of different nudes/neutrals, my new favourite is the mahogany red shade Exotic.

Before last week you could only get KVD makeup in the US or order it from Sephora, but hooray that is now stocked in Debenhams and they haven't made it ridiculously expensive! I really like these lipsticks as they have a matte finish but really are moisturising, they contain sunflower seed wax and vitamin E so that may be the reason why it feels so moisturising. The shade her is Bow N Arrow, which is a fawn nude.

These are pretty much the same formula as the Colour Pop ones but again there are quite creamy and can be too drying when a lot is applied. My favourite shade I have is Koko K, its a pale dusky pink. I am already eyeing up the shades Exposed, Dirty Peach, Kristen and 22, just need to bring myself to place the order and wait for that customs charge to arrive.

If you want a matte lip without it being heavy or drying then look no further than these. These are a mousse texture so apply to the lips really smooth and literally feels like you're not wearing anything on your lips. The shade here is Ibiza, which is a deep mauve pink shade. 

I love these Lippie Sticks as I find them so easy to apply to my lips and handy to carry around. They have a twist up tube with a thin angled applicator great for both lining the lips and applying the colour. The matte finish in these isn't as dry as the liquid lipstick but you still need to apply a balm before. Lumiere is a dusky pink shade designed by Kathleen Lights, I can see me wearing this a lot more in winter.

These really are a luxurious lipstick but I do find the matte to be a tan drying and not as creamy as i'd like. These has the revolutionary slanted square top for a more precise and easy application. I tend to apply these lightly so there isn't too much product and then it doesn't feel too dry. This shade, Red Carpet Red, is a true very with blue undertones.

These new lipsticks from S&G are such great quality and so affordable, you should get yourself down to boots and try them if you haven't already. The applicator of these is angle to help sculpt and colour in the lips fully. These can be a little drying if you apply too much again but I keep the coat light and wear a balm underneath. The shade Fire Cracker is a neon orange.

Obviously a post about matte lipsticks would include a MAC shade and of course its Velvet Teddy. This shade made famous by Kylie Jenner was probably one of the most talked about last year and sold out a lot of the time. Velvet Teddy is a deep toned beige and the perfect shade for a nude lip. I really do find MAC's matte lipsticks so drying and have to apply a balm underneath and try not to apply too many layers as that when I find it really drying.

These are a relatively new launch by Seventeen and promise to give you a matte look with up to 13 hours wear. Although these are matte I have found them to creamy and glide on my lips really well without dragging. There are 12 shades in the collection and all seem to be quite bright and colourful. I have the shade No Corals, which is a soft coral shade.

I've gone on about this lipstick way too much but I really just love it. UD's recently relaunched lipstick collection in 100 new shades has a comfort matte finish, which is creamy and moisturising but with a matte finish and so you aren't left with dry patches on your lips. I have the shade Unicorn, its a soft muted coral shade that i've been wearing a lot on holiday.

What are you matte lip favourites?



  1. All of these shades are now officially on my shopping list!! Stunning colours!!

    Grace x

  2. I love Lumiere and Velvet Teddy! Great picks, a lot of beautiful fall shades in this post x

  3. Some of these are my favourites as well! NYX Ibiza looks really pretty. I must pick that up the next time I go into NYX :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  4. Even though I struggle with dry lips, matte formulas are my favourite. I just have to make sure that I scrub before wearing matte lipsticks. I love MAC formulas, even mattes aren't that drying and feel comfortable. Also I love the texture of NYX lip cream, it feels velvety and long lasting.

    Ela BellaWorld

  5. I really want to get some Colour Pop liquid Lipsticks as I hear they're amazing!

    Abigail Alice x

  6. Exotic is such a beautiful shade, I'm dying to get my hands on it now!

    Gemma Louise

  7. Such pretty shades! My fave defo has to be the Colour pop one in chi.. thats the type of colour i would wear everyday!