Unless you've been living under a rock you will of heard of Huda Kattan - obviously this is only beauty lovers. Well Huda is a Dubai based award winning beauty blogger and Youtuber who is know for her quirky makeup tips and tricks (check out her video on shaving your face)! Huda has now capitalised on her huge fan base and knowledge of makeup to launch her own beauty range. Her range includes lip products, eyelashes and she has recently announced a dreamy eyeshadow palette I need to get my hands on. Anyway here is my lowdown on the products I have tried.

If i'm correct I'm sure the lashes were the first thing she brought out, which doesn't surprise me as if you've watched her videos you'll know she loves lashes and probably doesn't leave the house with out them. There are 13 pairs of faux lashes in her range and another 6 pairs of mink lashes. Personally I have tried one of the pairs of the Faux lashes in Samantha #7 (of course I picked the ones with my name). They are a middle of the range price point at £15.50 - others start at £12.50 and there are more expensive ones at £18.00. The lashes are a wispy style with a thick lash band, which I'm still getting used to. I love these for a more dramatic look and they really add length and volume! I really want to get my hands on the Farah #12 ones as they seem to be the ones Huda wears a lot on Snapchat etc. and they look incredible.

I'd been eyeing up these for a while but they were out of stock for ages, so when Cult Beauty restocked a few weeks ago I went and ordered some straight way. Her videos of using these on her lips are incredible and it really adds definite to your lips. The Lip Contours aren't just a lip liner but can be used as a full lip colour with a velvet-matte finish. They have lip conditioning properties that keep your lips hydrated but also looking defined and enhanced. I picked up two shades (obviously neutral), Bombshell is a subtle pinkish nude, and Trendsetter is a brown nude. These are honestly such a dreamy lip product and I really can't wait to pick up some more shades.

This is Huda's most recent launch and its unlike any other liquid lipstick I have tried or owned. Launched about a month ago hundreds and thousands of beauty lovers queued up all over the world to pick some of these up and ifI had to have queued for them I would!! The Liquid Matte has a comfort wear formula meaning it keeps the lips hydrated whilst still having the matte finish. The formula is a lot more watery compared to others and this is why I think its so much more comfortable. Again I picked up two neutral shades as I wanted ones I could wear all the time; Venus, a deep taupe brown, and Trendsetter, a brown nude. I have found with these you need probably two coats to get a full opaque look and they do need reapplying after a few hours but my lips didn't feel dry at all.

In the UK you can buy Huda's range on Cult Beauty and Harrods, and I looked at the prices compared to the US and there isn't much extra added on when exchanged from one currency to the other. I'll definitely be picking up more lashes and shades in the Lip Contour and Liquid Mattes. And it looks to me that HUDA is taking over the world with one beauty product at a time with her new eyeshadow palette coming out as well!!

Have any of you tried any Huda Beauty products?



  1. The lips contours sound lovely! Great post, I really want to try some Huda Beauty! X

  2. The huda lashes look amazing. Ive had my eye on them for ages now!

  3. The lip liners look stunning!!

    Grace xx

  4. Huda is so gorgeous, and yes her eyelashes always look incredible!!

    Parie x

  5. The lip colours are absolutely amazing! I was so excited to hear about Huda beauty but still havent ordered as I'm trying to save money but it all looks fab <3

    Abigail Alice x

  6. I love those lashes and the lip shades are gorgeous :)

    Lotte |

  7. I'd love to try some Huda Beauty products. I think I'll have to get my hands on the liquid lipsticks.
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  8. This look so pretty! Especially the liquid matte in Trendsetter. I will make an order as soon as my spending ban is lifted :) xx

    LPage Beauty

  9. I have never heard of Huda Beauty before but her products look so lovely! The packaging is so pretty and luxurious and these shades are perfect for autumn! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  10. All these shades are so nice!
    Kathy x

  11. Lip contours seem really nice but they're expensive ha ha especially when they look the same as Kylies and colour pop but I do really want to try them. I'm still on the fence about the matte lipsticks. Great review Hun xo