As you're reading this I will have landed in Spain early on for my first sunny holiday this year. It's definitely needed after finished my final year of university and then heading straight into working life, pretty much with no break. I am loving my job but I do need a relaxing break and can't wait to sit by the pool and catch a tan for a few days. Me, my boyfriend and my parents are heading out there and will be staying with my Grandma as she lives out, so were quite lucky as we only have to pay for flights! When I go away I obviously have makeup and beauty essentials but this post is all about those essentials that aren't beauty related.


I'm not normally a reader at home and much prefer watching crappy TV, however, when your on holiday nothing beats a good book and catching a tan. My mum actually gave me her old Kindle to save me some luggage room on books. Even at home since i've been using it i've read more books in the past few weeks than I had in the past year. The books I like to read are those cheesy girly books about shopping or dating, something lighthearted that will make me laugh.

iPhone & Headphones 

When I'm not reading a book by the pool i'll probably have my headphones in. I generally use my iPhone for music as my Dad pays for Apple music and I'm able to use it so I can keep up to date with new music releases whilst we're away. Again if I'm listening to music it will be lighthearted and probably of the dance/pop genre and probably holiday themed.


Although I'm on holiday I want to keep up with my healthy eating and exercising so i'll be taking my gym kit and Fitbit to track my exercise. Where my Grandma lives there are long walks you can go on so i'll try to do that a few times when it isn't too hot. She also has her own swimming pool so lots of swimming can be done, which is a novelty as I rarely go swimming in the UK.

Miss Guided Studded Sandals 

I'm so gutted that these are now sold out and wish I'd picked up the other pairs in a different colour. These Valentino style shoes have got to be my find of the summer and i've worn them a lot. They are so comfy and didn't give me any form of a blister, which is a great thing to find. They were only £25 and are perfect for day or night. I will definitely be bringing them out every summer as long as they last!

Miss Guided Sunglasses

This is another great Miss Guided find that are now sold out. I'd been looking at these for ages and every time I went to buy them they were out of stock, however, I finally got them! These Celine style sunglasses are supersized with a flat top and tortoise shell pattern at the bottom. I like these as they cover a lot of my face and will help protect from sun damage. 

M&S Makeup Bag 

Kind of beauty related I guess but not an actual product. I got this bag free on a beauty order I did a few months ago and its so handy. It's a really nice leather material and a lovely summery shade. This will be perfect for travelling their and throwing all my beauty bits in and also handy for carrying around on its own once I'm there as its quite plain and kind of looks like a clutch bag.

PNY Portable Charger

This is a must when your travelling! Being a blogger you tend to be on social media a lot and that can drain your battery so i'll be carrying this charger round with me on holiday to ensure I can still be connected to the world without my phone dying! Not only is this handy for keeping your phone charged it also looks great with a rose gold chrome finish to it!

What are your non-beauty travel essentials?



  1. Those sandals look really cute! Can't go without my earphones

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I definitely have to take my kindle on holiday too! It's great for storage too as its so small!