I have always said if there was one thing I could have without actually having to apply makeup it would be long lashes. Yes I have tried extensions before and I loved them in the beginning but it all went wrong when half of them fell out and so the others needed to be pulled out and I ended up with hardly any natural lashes - so I wont be trying them again soon. I've been trying out these BPerfect Cosmetics Brush on Lashes* and i'll let you know the verdict.

Lets start with the packaging and it arrive to me put together to cute. It came in a black organza drawstring bag, which just added a sweet touch to it and almost made it feel like a present. The product itself came in a sturdy cardboard box with a satin lined inside. Inside you get two tubes of product, both housed in a luxurious silver tubes giving a premium feel. Inside the box you also get a step by step guide on how to use it as it.

I've actually never used fibre lash extensions before so was really intrigued to try them. You get two different tube to use in the process, the first is the gel based mascara that you apply to clean and dry lashes. Straight after you then apply the green tea fibres whilst the gel mascara is still wet. When opening the fibre tube you need to be really careful too much doesn't come out as it would obviously go clumpy on the eye.

Having never used fibre lash extensions before I wasnt sure what I should be expecting but I could definitely see my lashes were longer than normal. The application of the gel mascara was really easy, but I found the fibre application a little more difficult. At first I think I have too much on my brush and it seemed to go all over my lashes. My second go was much better though. You need to repeat the process twice, which I did then added some more of my own mascara on top as I just thought I needed a bit of extra volume.

On the finished look I could definitely see my lashes were a little longer, but I just didn't get the volume I like as well, hence the reason I added more of my own mascara. I'm definitely still getting used to the fibre lash process though so hopefully after a few more tried I'll have the perfect amount of length and volume.

Have any of you tried this fibre lash mascara?


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  1. I've actually never used a fibre Lash mascara before but I so badly want to.

    Beauty Candy Loves