So september is almost over and this month has honestly flown by, I feel like it was the bank holiday only yesterday. September was busy for me with a lot of work at the beginning and then last week I was on holiday. This month I've not been as good at getting all my posts scheduled and so many are typed up hours before they are due to go up - this post is a 10pm ramble the night before. However, this month i've picked up lots of new makeup and there will be lots of exciting posts up on my blog, here are this months favourites though.


If there’s one thing that stresses me about makeup it’s getting it to stay looking flawless all day and not wear off or end up patchy and horrible. This is where a setting spray comes in. I now always spray my face once I’ve finished my makeup and it helps my makeup look flawless even up until I’m off to bed. I’ve now tried both the most popular budget and high end variations; The L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist and Urban Decay All NighterMakeup Setting Spray.


Even though I’ve only just got back from holiday it seems autumn has finally arrived in England and there is definitely a chill in the air. Autumn for me is all about warm toned neutral shades; think burnt oranges, mahogany reds, warm browns and shimmering bronzes. It’s really easy to experiment with these shades using eyeshadows and recently there seems to be a lot of eyeshadows out there that fit in with this colour scheme.


If there is one product I buy way too many of but can't seem to stop buying, its lipsticks. I have all types of different finishes but the one I seem to go back to is matte. For me it is by no means the most comfortable as I suffer terribly with dry lips and it aggravates them even more but there is no beauty with suffering right?! In this post i'll talk about the different brands i've tried in both lipstick and liquid lipstick formula and whether or not I liked them.


One of my favourite high end brands has to be Charlotte Tilbury, everything is so luxurious and the packaging is to die for. If you haven't tried any of the products before I would suggest definitely going out and trying some. She recently launched the new lipstick collection, Hot Lip, which is in collaboration with 12 incredible, brilliant and hypnotising women. The lipsticks had been created for the incredible charity; Women for Women International and I'm pretty sure an amount from each lipstick is given to the charity.


As you're reading this I will have landed in Spain early on for my first sunny holiday this year. It's definitely needed after finished my final year of university and then heading straight into working life, pretty much with no break. I am loving my job but I do need a relaxing break and can't wait to sit by the pool and catch a tan for a few days. Me, my boyfriend and my parents are heading out there and will be staying with my Grandma as she lives out, so were quite lucky as we only have to pay for flights! When I go away I obviously have makeup and beauty essentials but this post is all about those essentials that aren't beauty related.


This is probably one of the most in demand palettes in the beauty world and its always out of stock in the UK so you do have to keep an eye out for restocks. If you do live in the US though you do have a better chance of getting it from the Morphe website and lots of bloggers/Youtubers have discount codes for it! I have actually ended up with both the 35OM and 35OS, which gives me the best of both worlds.


So I actually did a holiday makeup bag post a few weeks ago (here) but I am actually now going on holiday in a few days and so have been planning the makeup i'll be taking, so here is a take two. I'm heading to Spain on Monday with my boyfriend and parents as my Grandma lives out there, I'm so excited as it feels like forever since I was last on a sun holiday - well it actually is over a year since I went to Thailand now. Since we will be at my Grandma's house my makeup will probably be really minimal especially with the heat!


If you read my last post (here) you'll know that I picked up quite a few new bits from Urban Decay when Feel Unique had a bit of a sale. I also picked up some Eyelure lashes that were in the sale, with some as good as half price! I used to wear Eyelure a lot when I was younger as it was so accessible being sold in Boots, Superdrug etc. however, recently I have sort of forgot about them and have been using so many other brands I've discovered. So now that i've picked up a few new pairs i'll be wearing them a lot more again and here are the pairs I picked up.


For a while the only thing I had actually tried from Urban Decay was their eyeshadow palettes and although I found them amazing there was so much more I wanted to try. A couple of weeks ago now Feel Unique had a sale and there was 10% off UD (not amazing I know but better than nothing) so I decided to pick up a few bits i'd been lusting over.


So last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the #BloggersFestival again this year - read last years post here. The event is run by the lovely Scarlett from Scarlett London and its a chance for bloggers to meet with each other and also network some really amazing brands. I'd actually missed a lot of events this year as I just couldn't fit it in around uni, so I was really happy to be able to attend this.


Unless you've been living under a rock you will of heard of Huda Kattan - obviously this is only beauty lovers. Well Huda is a Dubai based award winning beauty blogger and Youtuber who is know for her quirky makeup tips and tricks (check out her video on shaving your face)! Huda has now capitalised on her huge fan base and knowledge of makeup to launch her own beauty range. Her range includes lip products, eyelashes and she has recently announced a dreamy eyeshadow palette I need to get my hands on. Anyway here is my lowdown on the products I have tried.


I haven't actually done an updated skincare routine in a while and I've added so many new products to both my morning and evening routines, so here it is. I'm quite lucky in the fact that I don't tend to suffer massively with my skin apart from the occasional spot or some dry patched. I always have more time in the evenings to pamper my skin so this routine is the products I have tried and tested and still reaching for most evenings. My routine tends to be split into 3 parts; removing makeup, moisturising and then added extras.


If you've read my blog for a while you'll know I actually used to order these Nailboxes, however, I had to stop them when I headed back to uni. Being a nail lover it was gutting to stop it this little surprise every month but student finances just didn't cover it. However, Nailbox recently contacted me to review their August 2016* I jumped at the chance to try it again.


I have always said if there was one thing I could have without actually having to apply makeup it would be long lashes. Yes I have tried extensions before and I loved them in the beginning but it all went wrong when half of them fell out and so the others needed to be pulled out and I ended up with hardly any natural lashes - so I wont be trying them again soon. I've been trying out these BPerfect Cosmetics Brush on Lashes* and i'll let you know the verdict.