I blogged a couple of months ago (here) about the brushes I received from my #MorpheMe subscription from Live Glam that I get every month. It's honestly one of the best subscriptions I've received as I always use every brush I get, I actually wish more brush companies would do it. Since the last posts i've received both June and July's brushes and both months were pretty good.


I love it when these subscriptions send you a product you'd been wanting for a while. I've been after a fan brush for ages for highlighting, I had one ages ago but it wasn't great quality and the bristles seem to fall out a lot. This brush is large with a decent amount of bristles to make sure of an even application of the highlighter. I use this when I want my highlight to be subtle so it just glides a small amount over my cheek bones.

This is another one I have received, which is part of the Elite II collection they have just launched - i've gotten so many this new collection in the subscription. This one is called a mini powder brush but i've actually been using this for highlight as well. This one is for when I want quite an intense highlight as it can pick up more of the product.

This is probably my favourite from June's brushes and I use it everyday. This is another from the Elite II collection and the quality is really amazing, the bristles are so soft! I use this one for blending out my eyeshadow when i've applied it all and it literally blends so well. The bristles are that tightly packed which is why I think it blends everything out so well.

This is the third one I got from the Elite II collection in this months selection. This one I use for applying a shadow or line to my crease and then blending it out. The brush is small with bristles that are quite tightly packed and a point at the end for precision.

This is yet another brush that i've been on the hunt for a while. I've been wanting something like this for lining the edge of my eyebrows with concealer for extra definition. The brush is flat and square so you can get a really close line to the brow.


M350 Contour Blender Brush | £7.95

This one is described as a contour blender brush but i've actually been using it for blush instead of a bigger brush. When applying the brush you can add a small flush to the cheeks without it looking like too much. The brush is made of goat hair for a professional finish and they are super soft.

M437 Pro Blender Contour Brush | £7.95

As much as I loved this months selection I was a little disappointed to receive two brushes that were pretty much identical. This is another contour blender brush and i've been using it for added a bit of warm to the hollows of my cheeks before I apply a deeper contour.

M403 Small Chisel Blush Brush | £7.95

This is similar to the other two as well but slightly bigger so I wasn't too annoyed. This one is a blusher brush and I have been using it for blush as well as the M350. The bristles are natural sable hair designed to distribute colour evenly with minimal effort.

M431 Precision Pencil Crease Brush | £3.95

This is the most different from the other I received in July's brushes and its a pencil crease brush. I have actually used this yet for anything but I really want to try out a cut crease look as I think this brush would be great for it!

Have any of your tried these Morphe brushes?



  1. I have the detail crease and flat line definer brush. They've made it into my favourites!

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  2. This is such a great idea! I've never used Morphe brushes so maybe this is a great way to start x

    Katina Lindaa | www.katinalindaa.com