Face masks in my opinion have become so big recently and so many brands seem to bringing out new ones. I've picked up a lot recently and found some that I love and some that are just okay! I tend to use a mask once or twice a week I have the time and pick one depending on how my skin is feeling. Most of this collection is pretty affordable and you will find it in the drug stores.

I'm so impressed with the masks from this brand and the Collagen lift mask is the most recent one i've tried out - i'll come to another of my favourites later on! I picked up the collagen lift one as my skin can sometimes feel tight and collagen is known to improve the elasticity. The formula is clay based with hyaluronic acid and vitamin e to plump the skin with moisture and also Passion flower oil to hydrate the skin. Although I did think this mask was okay it hasn't impressed me loads.

I picked up this one as a dupe for the Antipodes Manuka Honey mask. Again this is a clay based mask and the key ingredient is obviously Manuka Honey. The honey is well know for helping skin rejuvenate, hydrate and be left with a fresh feeling. However, with it being a clay mask it does dry hard and leaves my skin feeling a little tight.

I really love using the peeling masks and its probably partly because of my inner child coming out who loves peeling PVA glue off their hand - please say someone else used to do this?! Anyway this mask is a gel base that you apply all over your face and once it dries you just peel away. The brightening part comes as it help cell renewal for glowing skin. When I use this I can definitely see my skin is more even and brighter.

I've tried to find this on the KIKO website but they must have changed all of their skincare range and the one in green packaging is now called the Shine Refine Mask, which does have purifying on it. Anyway this is another clay based mask but its still quite refreshing as it is scented with cucumber. This mask is mainly for combination to oily skin as it removes impurities, cleanses the pores reduces excess oil, so I wouldn't recommend it for those with dry skin.

This is another one that the packaging seems mohave changed on but i'm assuming the rest is all the same. The warming part of this mask is so lovely and I can really feel the mask sinking into my skin. This is another one for oily skin as it draws out any extra oils and cleanses away impurities. 

This is the most recent addition to my collection and the new launch my L'Oreal. They've been out about a month I think and have seen so many people using them I had to pick one up, especially since they are on offer in Boots for £5. I went for the Glow mask instead of the purity or detox mask as I didn't have anything like it in my collection. The Glow mask contains red algae which is known for its brightening properties. The formula is creamy but also contains micro beads to to exfoliate the skin at the same time. I have used this once so far and did notice my skin was glowing a little.

This has got to be one of my favourite masks purely for the amazing smell it has. One of my favourites things about Lush is that the products contain all natural ingredients so you know exactly what is going on your face. The Cupcake mask contains Rhassoul mud, cocoa powder which both help draw out dirt and give the skin a deep cleanse, mint for stimulating and toning the skin.

I picked up this mask as one of my moisturisers is the Origins Ginzeng one. The mask is a peel off so its a gel like formula that helps refresh your skin and refine and smooth out your complexion. I have used this once since getting it and its definitely quite an intense treatment, when I applied it there was quite a strong alcohol smell so i'm assuming there is a lot in the product. With the high amount of alcohol I wouldn't recommend it for people with really dry skin. When I used this I found that my skin felt a lot clearer and smoother since the dead skin cells have been lifted away.

What are your favourite face masks?



  1. I am dying to try the origins peel off mask! I love the kiehls cranberry and Tumeric one, I actually wrote a blog post on my face masks too!


  2. I have the Body Shop Warming one and love it! It feels amazing when it heats up. I have one of the Quick Fix ones but it is the Vitamin C one, I have only used it once so far but it is really helping add that healthy glow to my skin.

    Emmy | EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin

  3. I have heard so many amazing things about the Origins gin zings mask. my favourite is the origins active charcoal mask. -xo


  4. I really need to get into using more face masks, I just forget about them - I love the Quick Fix ones, might have to pick these two up!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. I've been meaning to try the Lush Cupcake mask for ages!
    Tam Loves Tea

  6. I do love the Quick Fix Facials products! I have the Anti-Blemish one which I love! I might try out the brightening peel-off mask, it sounds pretty good!

  7. These all sound gorgeous and I have never tried any before :) May have to pick up the Origins Ginzing mask and the Good things Manuka honey one too :) xxx

  8. The Lush Cupcake Mask sounds right up my street, I love sweet scents too! The Quick Fix Brightening Peel Mask also sounds really nice, will have to pick up those two :)

    Gemma Louise

  9. I always want to use the Lush Cupcake mask, mostly because of the scent, but it doesn't work with my skin. Lately, I've been using a lot of sheet masks!


  10. I have recently picked up the Loreal purity mask, and have been loving it. It has actually helped my skin out.
    Alicia xx