I probably should have added into the the title of this post unnatural blonde hair, because I would guess if your hair is naturally blonde its healthy anyway. But being a blonde when your hair is dyed leaves me with with dry and brittle ends. This post is a selection of products that i've been using lately to keep my hair in good condition and feeling soft and healthy.

I've had this oil for a while and its one I keep going back to as it always help my hair feel soft and smooth. It contains coconut oil, which seems to be everywhere lately, to help reduce frizz. I apply this to my damp hair before blow drying and I find that my hair isn't as frizzy once dried and feels sleek and soft. This range also has shampoo and conditioner that I love too for taming my frizzy hair.

I like to use this product to add shine to my hair. I find that being a blonde your hair can look dull or never as shiny as someone with dark hair. Again I apply this to my wet hair before blow drying and it not only adds shine but my hair looks and feels smoother once dry.

I've included two oils as they are a big part of my routine in keep my hair in good condition. This Oil Elixir includes salon grade Argan and Almond oils to help your hair radiate and look healthy. I apply this either before I blow dry my hair or apply a little once i've finished my hair to smooth away any fly aways.

Having my hair dyed blonde also means I get the dreaded roots for a while before I'm due another appointment with my hair dresser. Recently a lot of hair brands have brought out root concealing products and this is the one i've found to be the most effective. Its a powder and you apply with the brush is comes with, I wold say its almost like a blonde coloured talc powder. It washes out straight away so don't worry if you don't like it. This one is my favourite compared to other ones such as the sprays as this is the only one i've found that is blonde enough for my hair and doesn't leave it feeling sticky.

I'd never actually tried a straightening lotion before so don't have anything to compare it to. However, this one has actually tamed my hair and left it looking and feeling more straight before using my straighteners. It promises to keep your hair straight for up to 3 washes, personally I would say after the second one my hair was getting frizzy again but not as bad as usual. I use this 1-2 every fortnight just to help tame my hair.

Lee Stafford Ubuntu Juicy Repair Oil & Light Oil Repairing Mist

I picked these up on sale in Boots and I can't seem to find them online anywhere so I'm thinking that these might be discontinued now, however, I'm still loving them. I use the Juicy Repair Oil before I blow dry my hair and it seems to be repairing some breakage I had. I then spray the Oil Repairing Mist to my dried and straightened hair as its light weight and doesn't make my hair feel heavy or greasy. It helps tame fly aways and smooth out my hair.

What products do you use for caring for you hair?



  1. Lovely post! I really love using Moroccan Oil :)

    Katie |

  2. I'll be definite picking up the oils next time I'm shopping! Thanks for sharing X