Can anyone believe it's almost autumn?! Now that the end of summer is pretty much here soon i'll be bringing out my winter makeup, consisting of berry red lip shades and dark eyeshadows. However, this months favourites is still a collection of summery products i've been loving.


When it comes to my hair and the tools I do I definitely stuck in a routine with the same products/tools. I'm a GHD user through and through as I really don't think you can get better and they work so well on my thick long hair. However, the new Toni & Guy Style Fix collection* has opened my eyes new some new tools I can use on my hair. The collection consists of three smaller appliances that are perfect if your travel a lot or if you don't have a lot of space to store hair products.


If there is one thing everyone seems to be obsessed with lately, it's liquid lipsticks! I don't know what it is but they seem to be everywhere and brands seem to be launching new ones all the time. I'm totally on this hype and have tried my fair share of different brands. This post will give you the low down on most of them i've tried, whether or not I like them and my favourite shades.


I definitely have a slight obsession with buying makeup palettes and probably own way too many. I mainly buy eyeshadow palettes but I'm slowly adding more and more face palettes to my collection. I love face palettes purely for the fact that you get the majority of items you use on your face in one handy palette and it can make it easier when travelling. Here are the five face palettes I think you should have in your collection.


I probably should have added into the the title of this post unnatural blonde hair, because I would guess if your hair is naturally blonde its healthy anyway. But being a blonde when your hair is dyed leaves me with with dry and brittle ends. This post is a selection of products that i've been using lately to keep my hair in good condition and feeling soft and healthy.


To me makeup is an art form not only in the way people apply it their faces but also the way the packaging and products itself is designed. If you're like me you'll get sucked into buying makeup for its pretty packaging before you even try this products. This post is a collection of all of the packaging I adore and whether the product lives up to it.


I blogged a couple of months ago (here) about the brushes I received from my #MorpheMe subscription from Live Glam that I get every month. It's honestly one of the best subscriptions I've received as I always use every brush I get, I actually wish more brush companies would do it. Since the last posts i've received both June and July's brushes and both months were pretty good.


If your like me who buys foundation at different stages of being tanned then you'll have a collection of many different shades. However, you'll have favourites that you can't wear all the time as they are either too dark or too light. No body wants to walk about with an orange face and a normal skin tone on the rest of your body or to have a ghostly white face and darker body. 

The Body Shop have recently launched the foundation life saver in my opinion and its made is so much easier to use my favourite foundations whenever I want. The formula is lightweight and creamy and mixes with the foundation to brighten and lighten it to match your skin tone. Once mixed and applied you're left with a professional finish and perfectly even skin tone.

To mix together I apply foundation and the lightener to the back of my hand and mix together adding more of either if its too light or dark. I then apply with my brush and the finish is flawless.

These are available at The Body Shop for £10 and you can either get lightening or darkening drops depending on what you need them for. Before I spotted these i'd only ever heard of high end brands having this type of product that can cost upwards of £30, which is a lot when that how much high end foundations can cost already. 

The packaging itself is nice with a glass bottle and a pipette lid so you can get the perfect amount out of the bottle. However, I think I may have a defective bottle as I can't seem to get any out of the pipette so I have to pour it out, which is a bit annoying.

What are your thoughts on these?! Would you try?



Applying your makeup using some form of a stick seems to be around a lot more recent, with foundation, concealer, bronzer, blusher and highlighter all in stick form now. I have picked up quite a few contour sticks recently as they make my makeup application so much quicker and easier and you can contour precisely. Here is my run down of all of them i've tried and tested.


I feel like I haven't had a KIKO haul for a while (probably only a couple of months I know), so when I got notified of their sale I had to get a few items. I love KIKO as the quality of the makeup is amazing and its not at all expensive - especially when you can get some of the items in the sale. KIKO now also have quite a few stores around the UK so if you want to test the makeup before buying then you should head to a store.


I'm not one to only buy high end products, however, when it comes to foundation high end trumps drug store every time for me. I do still wear drug store foundations but I just can't seem to find any with the finish, formula and luxury feel of these 3 favourites. And in my opinion foundation is an investment as it can transform your makeup.


When it comes to nails I love experimenting with bright shades and probably have every colour in the rainbow in my collection. However, you really can't go wrong with a neutral nail colour and it will literally go with any outfit. I've gone through my collection and picked out may favourite neutral shade for todays post.


It's definitely a blessing and a curse when you find out one of your favourite makeup stores has an actual shop near where you live - my poor bank account. I discovered Cocktail Cosmetics when someone told me thats where you could buy the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, although I haven't actually managed to order any of these yet and I'm kind of glad considering the controversy around him. 


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 6 months you will know that Kylie Jenner has launcher her very own cosmetics range. It mainly comprises of lip products but last week she launcher her neutrals 'Kyshadow' palette which in no shock it sold out in minutes. 


Face masks in my opinion have become so big recently and so many brands seem to bringing out new ones. I've picked up a lot recently and found some that I love and some that are just okay! I tend to use a mask once or twice a week I have the time and pick one depending on how my skin is feeling. Most of this collection is pretty affordable and you will find it in the drug stores.