Has everyone noticed recently that every clothes shop you seem to go into noW has their own makeup range? Not that I'm complaining as the more places to shop for makeup the better. However, just because a shop can make amazing clothes can they really enter the beauty market with amazing products. This post includeS most of the clothing stores I have found to stock their own beauty range and whether the products are with the money.


This is probably the first clothing store I noticed to bring out their own makeup range and they did it so well. Their prices are more of the upper end of drugstore range with lipsticks at £8, nail polishes at £6 and face products between £8 and £12. The packaging is also quite unique with it being matte cream with black crayon like writing and patterns. Some of my favourite products from the collection are the lipsticks since their shade selection would come close to MAC's, the nail polish collection also has every colour you could think of and their Glow Pot and Horizon highlighter are two of other my favourites.


I noticed a few years back that H&M has some beauty products but their range seemed very limited and they products didn't look that great. However, at the end of last year they came out with a brand new collection and it looked incredible, of course I needed some. The collection packaging is all in the colour scheme of cream, black and gold and it all looks really sleek in my opinion. I have to say my favourite product from their collection is the nail polishes as there is literally any colour you could want and the formula is amazing too. I also really like the single eyeshadows and the blushers. Next to try on my list is the cream blushers and the lipsticks.


This is another new kid on the block and its pretty impressive. Primark have always had beauty products in stock such as fake tan, lip balms, travel minis etc. but it's only this year i've noticed them bring out their own makeup range. Their range is at cheaper end of the spectrum with prices from under £1 to £3/4. From the collection I've tried their lipliners (post), lip crayon and eyeshadow palette and I have to say they really are quite good. For the price I wasn't expecting amazing quality but it really is quite good, although it doesn't live up to the more expensive brands! I have yet to try any of their face products or things like mascara but I would be willing to considering the cheap prices.


This is another new collection (or one i've only just noticed) that New Look have brought to the market. At first I wasn't really drawn to the collection and it's pretty boring packaging but after swatching some of the products in my local store I ended up buying quite a few items. The prices for the items are quite reasonable and definitely worth the quality of the products. The lip products are the ones that have really impressed me and their lip crayons, lip liners and liquid lipsticks are winning me over. They have this amazing Camel nude shade that i'm loving and the Mink shade is gorgeous too!

Are you a fan of high street beauty?



  1. Topshop beauty is my absolute favourite! I love their range of highlighters at the mo, so affordable yet so pretty!

    Jen / Velvetspring.co.uk


  2. Topshop beauty is one I still need to discover but Primark are great and so budget friendly!

    Parie x

  3. I've never tried any highstreet beauty products, however I've really been eyeing up the New Look and H&M makeup for a while now. Thanks for the post, I'll defo make a trip there soon and purchase some goods! xx


  4. I am (patiently) waiting for H&M to arrive in NZ so that I can try their makeup range! I have heard great reviews on some of their products and can't wait!!
    Kathy x

  5. I love Tosphop Makeup! I have a cream blush and a couple lipsticks, I should definitely pick up some more. Unfortunately we don't quite have H&M Makeup here in Australia yet x

    Katina Lindaa | www.katinalindaa.com

  6. I picked up New Look's velevet lip crayon last year and I still use it to this day because it's so good. I'd say it's a great dupe for the NARs ones but I don't own them!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  7. I love Topshop makeup, I haven't tried any from H&M or New Look yet! x


  8. I've only really tried Topshop makeup and I was really impressed. Next on my list is to get some from H&M as everything looks so so pretty and I've heard really good things! x

    Gemma Louise

  9. Topshop is the one! Especially the glow pot :)


  10. I've never tried high street makeup, except a Topshop lipstick, but tbh I'd just prefer to stay to drugstore brands that I know will be good!
    Naomi | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  11. I haven't tried makeup from any of these stores, I didn't know most of them even had makeup! I've heard mostly good things about Topshop makeup so they're first on my list x


  12. This is a great post as i've always wanted to try more products from the hughstreet. i've heard a lot about toyshop but I think new look is underrated as they have some great liquid lipsticks!x

    Aliya x | www.aliyasabrina.com | https://www.bloglovin.com/people/aliyasabrina-10150959

  13. I think Topshop's beauty range is great - I'm yet to try any of the others, but I get so skeptical at trying Primark's beauty range as its just so cheap but I think I need to stop being such a snob and try it out haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  14. I've never really tried out any of these shop's makeup lines - I have had my eye on some Topshop goodies though but they're always sold out when I remember to buy them! Maybe this post will inspire me to buy some products from these shops (not that I need much encouraging!)
    - www.roisinslatest.blogspot.co.uk