This is sort of a follow up to my Glow Giving Skincare post (here), as once i've found the perfect skincare products to getting my skin glowing I like to enhance it with glowing makeup. The main bulk of this post will be highlighters since they are obviously the perfect source for helping your face glow, however there is a few other products thrown in. 

This was one of those products as soon as I saw I knew I just had to get, it was originally  limited edition at the end of last year but it is now back in stock at Space.NK so if you're still after it i'd get on their website now. I was an Hourglass Virgin before this so I thought it was the perfect product to get me started since it had six different powders in. I won't go into too much detail as my post has more info but you get three powders/highlighters, two blushers and a bronzer and they are all so luxurious. This is honestly the holy grail of glow giving makeup in my opinion.

This is one of those products for helping illuminate your skin rather than adding too much glow. The translucent powder has particles then help diffuse the light and helps the skin adjust to different types of light throughout the day. I'm gutted I've hit the pan on mine and its probably going to finish soon but i'll definitely try this again and maybe even in the loose format.

In my eyes if it has Benefit's names on then the products will always be a good one - I mean just look at their new brow collection. This is one of their favourite products that I own. It's a 'soft focus' highlighter so more of a neutral shade to add a glow rather than a shimmer. I especially love this as it can be applied to bare tanned skin and it looks perfect.

This is my new highlighter I'm obsessed with lately, i've never used a loose highlighter before but I love how your can use more or less of the product depending on the look you want. The shade is a really soft pale pink with a shimmer so is suitable for all skin types. Since its loose the products is light and easy to blend into the rest of your makeup.

I use this to help brighten up the areas of my face I want to enhance, these include under eyes, forehead, centre of my nose, cupids bow and chin. Touche Eclat is one of those Cult Beauty products I think everyone needs in their collection. This is such a handy product to carry round with you to brighten up the skin as it has a brush applicator and can be easily blended out.

Maybelline CC Cream | post

Unfortunately this is one of those products I can't seem to find available in the UK anywhere as I picked up mine in the airport on my way back from Thailand. However, I love this product because as soon as I apply it to my face before my foundation I can't see it glowing already. The products itself is very pale pink in colour but I think it adapts to your skin tone and illuminates.

This is probably the more shimmery and glowing highlighter I own so it tends to only be brought out when i'm having a more  dramatic look. Copacabana is a pearlescent pink shade and can be used before foundation, mixed in with foundation or as a highlight. I tend to do the latter as I find its too shimmery for an all over look.

Lately I'm preferring a shimmery blush over a matte as I feel like it just illuminates my cheeks a lot more. This offering from Models Own is one of my favourites lately, the shade Lovestone is a baked effect rosy pink. Its not too harsh again the skin and adds more of a flush to your cheeks. 

This is definitely my go to shimmery bronzer and use it pretty much everyday. I like to use this after applying my foundation and powder to add warmth to my skin and the all important glow, after this i'll then use a darker bronzer for contouring. The formula of this is buttery and soft compared to some of the more powdering bronzer I own. I would say that if your darker skinned then this would be amazing as a highlighter for the cheekbones but it's just a little too dark for me.

What are your glow giving makeup picks?



  1. Love the look of these products, so gorgeous!X

  2. These products look so good! I have been eyeing up the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette for a while now, so glad it's been brought back! Lovely post hun x

  3. All of these products sound amazing, love the look of the nars illuminator!

    Parie x

  4. That models own blusher looks so beautiful. Just look at that shade! It's so inexpensive too, such a bargain
    Charlotte //

  5. The hourglass palette looks to die for! But I could never justify paying that much for it. The topshop one looks great!

  6. I've never really thought about using a 'glowy/dewy' base as I already have quite oily skin but maybe it could use a bit of help during the winter when I'm less oily! The maybelliene cc cream sounds great, also it's drugstore ahah!
    Kathy x

  7. Ahhh I keep seeing that Hourglass palette everywhere! I really want it!!!

    Natasha Kendall

  8. That Hourglass palette is speaking to me! All these products sound nice!

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  9. These products look so pretty! I can't get over how amazing the Hourglass palette is! <3 Lovely post

    Amelia |