So i'm a big highlighter addict and love anything that can give my a glow and shimmer. So I've decided to do a whole post (well actually two!) dedicated to all my favourite highlighters! Today's post is all about the silvers, champagnes and pinks in my collection.

This is one of those a little more out there highlighters as it is quite pink and shimmery. It's a very pigmented highlighter so you don't need a lot on your brush to get a good highlight. I also love the adorable pattern you get in the compact and makes it look a little more high end than your standard highlighter. I really want to pick up the other highlighters since they are good and only priced at £3.

Another really great affordable highlighter! This was actually one of the first highlighter I ever really used and loved how it made my cheeks shimmer! This one is a little more of a subtle silvery champagne shimmer. This one also has a cute pattern in the compact itself, although the packaging isn't as secure as mine as broken!

This is one of those multi use products, it can either be used as an all over highlight under your makeup or to highlight specific areas. I have been using this lightly under my foundation so my skin can radiate from within.

I only included this in my Models Own haul the other day but its such a lovely highlighter that I have to include it. Compared to the actually powder the swatch has a little more peach in it which matches the name a lot more! Compared to other drug store highlighter its a little more expensive but its definitely worth it!

I was really undecided at whether this should be in this post of the one with bronze and gold highlighters, but its more bronzey champagne shade so I included it in this post. I'm not really the biggest fan of cream highlighters and prefer powder but this one blends out just like a powder.

This is my go to highlighter to carry round with me as its so handy and so don't need a brush as you can just apply it with the stick. This highlighter is a soft champagne shade and kind of like a powder on a stick. Its not creamy like Watts Up but sits on your skin more like a powder.

Soap & Glory Glow All Out | £11.00

This is another multi use product that I either use as a highlighter or blush. Glow All Out is a luminizing face powder but it's not something i'd use all over my face. If I want a subtle highlight then i'll use this to highlighter but other times i'll use it as a blush. Glow All Out is a soft peachy pink shade with a matte finish, so if your not a shimmer fan then try this out!

the Balm Mary Lou Manizer | £17.50

This holy grail highlighter is one of my absolute favourites so it had to be included in this post! If you're looking for a seriously shimmery highlight then you should try this out! This highlighter is a silvery gold shade. The consistency of the powder is really buttery and soft and it blends onto the skin really well!

What are some of your favourite highlighters?



  1. I love a good highlighter, I've become obsessed! Really wanting to try the Lou Manizer!

    Parie x

  2. Peach pearl looks gorgeous! I've only recently added highlighter to my makeup routine and i absolutely love it!!! I have the silver one from revolution and love the shade it's beaut! X

  3. Pink Lights and Golden lights mixed from MakeUp Revolution is one of my favorite highlighter combos. I also have a soft spot in my heart for Watt's up...Lovely picks.



  4. MUR have so many great highlighters and also eyeshadows that can be used as highlighter! Love them x

  5. Watts Up was my first ever highlighter! I still really like it :)

    xo, Liz

  6. I'm a huge fan of the seventeen skin wow, watts up and mary lou! At the moment I'm obsessing over the ABH glow kit, it has some amazing shades in it xx

    LPage Beauty

  7. Benefit Watts Up is so so good!! x

  8. Mary-lou manizer is my go to! I love it!

  9. I use the MUA one and I swear mine is more pigmented than yours...haha! It's the one highlighter which I go for everyday it's amazing!
    Charlotte //

  10. I wish these were all available in Aus, they look gorgeous! Watts Up and Mary Lou are staples of mine also! xx

  11. I love Watts up that's my favourite highlighter ! I love how that one just blends into my skin giving a settle glow. Also it's build-able so you can layer it for a more dramatic look. I've never tried powder highlight's if I were to try a powder, would be the BALM. This was a great post thanks for sharing !!

    Katie |

  12. My MUA highlighter packaging has broken too, but luckily the highlighter is in tact! I love the look of Collection's Speedy too!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog